Saturday, February 21, 2009


<-- I look like a massive red fridge! Well...seldom I'd post my own photo in this blog but well...the week has been messy so I just want to put up something positive against all the negatives that happened....the negatives would be:
On 19th February my wifey's car was hit by a MAROON HONDA STREAM WKM6646 and the kurang ajar punyer orang tua (who'd probably just know 1 or 2 phrases of English but try to speak as if he's highly educated - WTF is wrong with that old bastard!!) snobbishly blamed her and dared her to lodge police report...which she did...and the bastard never lodged any report!! So if you people see this MAROON HONDA STREAM WKM6646, just be careful, you don't want to be close to a stupid old bastard who think's he's successful in life just because he drives a frigging HONDUH! Bodoh punyer Melayu..sah bukan kaki lepak surau nih....ntah2 kalau suruh azan/ qamat pun berpeluh ketiak!

I was down with high fever on the 20th February and at the same time Alisya sakit mata. So, I had to take MC and spent time with Alisya, went to the KLCC Medical Center.....took my Rhino from WMS Adventure which I sent the day before for tuning....and back to the VWM Condo at around 1130am. We parked the car at about 100m from pondok guard. I was not well so I was kinda like feeling lazy to bring the bike up...but somehow I just pushed myself and re-assembled the bike and take it up to the condo....after giving Alisya her dose of medicine and taking my pills, everything went black....we woke up when Mama arrived at about 6pm with their Wa Yati.

At about 830pm we went down to bring the car up ot our unit level, to take send some stuff of their Wa Yati to Tun's place in Mont Kiara.......the car was not there!! The guards got it from me, real bad, and so did the Condo Management guy. The kids & Mama proceed to send Wa Yati back, while I was helped by my buddy Syed Din to lodge police report and meet the inspector in-charge later that night.

I was back earlier than Mama & the kids. They all hugged me when they arrived, I was infront of Yoda (this old iBook of mine) telling buddies on Fb what happened. InsyaAllah..ada la hikmahnya tu....the important thing is I still have my family with me....for the incidents that happened - those involved and all - they are total losers in life, and their family too, big time losers....just like the coward who put up a comment in the post before this. Sehina-hina manusia. The car is my first which I kept since I started working....Wira UK Spec 1.8SRi DOHC, WGK9568. Dark Green color, everything I could ever ask as a perfect rugged sedan. Oh well...rezeki sampai yesterday only...Alhamdulillah.

The positive - although I had to deal with all the fiasco, I was determined to still go for the FRIM Offroad which I have set with the bunch. Mike & Sy Din was kind enough to fetch me and Rhino - body went into Mike's Integra, wheels went into Sy Din's Civic - so I could still join them riding the dirt & mud path! I achieved my target - 14km offroad biking. Scaled up Rover Trail with no T&T, and downhill from the top with ease...then straight to the Steriod Hill, non stop climb up to the base, Mike scaled up to the top and DH in 12 minutes (woohooo!!). From there, the ride down was quite interesting, the rocks & gravels seems to be a bit challenging then usual, I think I did one or two mini long as I don't end up 100m down the ravine, I guess I am cool! The shot above was by Sy Din, on my P5000.....just to remind me whatever the fiasco this week, though I am still on medication, the big kahuna massive cool winner is still ME!

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