Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cleaning river bank

I wanted to write about our Perak trip last weekend but since P1 is still buggy, it would take ages to upload. So here's waht I did last weekend - a river Clean-up Program with a bunch of my office mates supervised by the Kelah Action Group of Malaysia (KAGUM).
We started off at 930am with a briefing by Dr Aznir of KAGUM, divided ourselves into groups of 3, take the bin-liners & rubber gloves and off we go!Oh!! I forgot! We got a pleasent surprise...the event is sponsored by Fenwick rod...so we get free caps exclisvely made for Fenwick rod owners! Wheeeeee!!! ....and the event is covered by BH reporter....while Dr Aznir might be writing for The STAR to set the stage for the national level outing soon. Double Wheeeee!

....and off we go

We collected a bit more than 200kg or rubbish in total and everybody had a great time.
A picnic & a cool splash afer all the ahrd works is just bliss!

I had it with Blogger. Fucking unreliable!
Been trying to upload shots for ages and nothing gets through. Babi. Same with P1Wimax. Double Babi!

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