Monday, January 12, 2009


...managed to get myself something from what I managed to make from last year's effort....will soon be re-living another passion that I have long neglected (since I got Alisya & Naufal!)

Unfortunately, I only managed to ride the rig once (itu pun hari dah panas tapi sebab "speret", henjut jugak la!)
....been extremely busy and tired - moving to the new place AND looking after the kids first few days in the new kindergarten....and just about to complete burning back-up of the original files for my first official job in 2009 (well, we have one more session before editing can be done and prints negotiation/ finalization can be executed) but bulk of the job is done - Alhamdulillah...more to come insyaAllah....
Wanted to write about many things but maybe in the next couple of weeks after things are espected to be much smoother, insyaAllah.

Dalam pada sibuk, sempat jumpa AbeDib for lunch (a long lunch!) and talked about many stuff, cycling being the main topic....InsyaAllah, will joining for weekend rides (maybe weekdays too if there's too many weekends booked for jobs and whatever)...the only thing is I need a proper gloves...and more solo ride to re-condition far only managed to conquer the hill up to the condo and ramp it up to the second floor of the parking lot, straight to the door of our home....not bad for a start, a bit too high as an initial benchmark actually.....oh well, we'll see how it goes!

It's just a Proton...nothing wrong with that, right?
Proton T-Bolt (standard specification)
Proton T-Bolt (standard specification)

Proton T-Bolt (standard specification)

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