Thursday, January 01, 2009

The end of the year

The end of the year
The Internet connection at the office hasn't been good at all.....I
wanted to write more but time is a big constraint on me. Writing on
the move? Not having the correct tool yet. Might be getting a proper
mobile soon since the P900 has been 6 years in service, the longest
ever period I have ever sticked to a mobile. My preference would never
be any Windows based device. Symbian and perhaps Apple or Blackberry
would be my choice.
It is already 2009 as I wrote this. Been a hectic year to the end,
2008. My last achievements would be clinching a Rm3k wedding job at
the last moment, moving the heavy stuff to the condo and single
handedly arrange the hall and finally get a reliable workshop to get
the SRi really fixed (though quite reasonably costly!)
We went to the pool & playground floor to watch the fireworks. I think
this would be the first time I watch fireworks in kain pelikat. Aliya
loves it while the twins enjoyed playing the swings instead. Hopefully
2009 would be kinder year to me & my family. One thing for sure, I am
making my next gearshift in photography, working more seriously with a
couple of professionals on different fields to start getting serious
money. Dah muak kena tindas & naya dgn manusia yg riak bongkak
takabbur, juah, mudah lupa diri & tak kenal erti syukur & rendah
diri....with people like these playing cards of your future survival,
you cannot rely on the organization anymore. I have had enough bashing
& backstabbing, I have positively took the action against the negative
situation & for the past years I have crafted my journey outside the
organization and the target now is I just want to focus on giving my
kids & family more decent life without relying on the organization too
much.....please help me Allah.
Can't wait to drive the good ol' SRi tomorrow.....and maybe spend some
moolahs for myself......Hmmmm.....

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