Saturday, January 24, 2009

22km a-la-cyclo-cross on the 24th Jan

That's the distance I cycled with the Putrajaya cyclists. Frankly, I was surprised I managed to do it which is not bad considering this is the first time I cycle in a group for more than 10 years and this is also the first time I hit the dirt for after more than 6 years! Challenging for me (but maybe not to many of the gang today!!) and very very VERY exciting.....will do more of it in the future - DEFINITE!

What I liked about the ride today was we managed to cover many kind of surfaces - road, walking path, sand, dirt, loose dirt, bushes, wooden platform, bike trail, gravel.....really exciting experience since each surface gives different traction and thus requires different maneuvering skills.
We started quite late - I was the first to be on location (and last to reach it on my T-Bolt, ahahaha!!) and at about 8:25am we started rolling, roadies leading the way (and quickly vanished from our radar shortly after!). We did our pace and stopped at many interesting locations - to take photos and to listen to briefing by the gang (seasoned and very experienced government officers, army high rankings, engineers, town planner, architect, doctors, pilot, multimedia producer...a motley of friendly people! (owh yeah, and a business analyst who thinks he should have been a photojournalists/ documentary photographer!)

After the ride we had a feast (ohh yeah.....we deserve it!) and after the feast I took the toll of being so careless not to do proper warm-up & warm-down - MASSIVE CRAMP!!! Darn it, it really hurts.
...but it did not stop me from going to to Ted's studio - just to divert my course and pay a visit to the good old Saujana Impian neighborhood clinic! Got some pain killers & muscle relaxant (and a good advice from the doctor - as what I got from the Motley Bunch - get a good rest!)

A couple of isotonic drinks from 7-11 and a chat with Napie & Ted after collection Ted's part of the job we are doing, I then went to the car wash place and got my old car a good bath...and the T-Bolt too.
The drive back to the condo was really painful tho.....and I just could not do anything after a decent lunch with the kids, got online for a while, did some prayers then I took the muscle relaxant and the next thing I realized everything was dark and cold....of was 9pm when I woke up from a good rest!! Muscles relaxed, spirit raring to go for another ride, I had dinner with the kids and off I get the T-Bolt from the car and bring it up to the condo laaa...not for another round of cycling!!

Good achievement for a start..infact, it's a bit too high a benchmark but nothing is wrong with that...I bought the T-Bolt because cycling was my passion - and IS still my passion together with photography, different arena, for different purposes. Owh...I need to remind myself to get a better seat for the rig - the wider & comfy ones used by some of the bunch from Bridgestone or Velo or whatever brand I can get lah! because when your butt hurts being on a slim and sporty looking seat. Other than that, I think the T-Bolt was worth every sen I spent....wonderfully light when climbing and sturdy on dirt, sand & gravels.....minor "stunts" here and there.....great rig at a very reasonable price.

Looking forward for the next ride!

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