Saturday, January 24, 2009

22km a-la-cyclo-cross on the 24th Jan

That's the distance I cycled with the Putrajaya cyclists. Frankly, I was surprised I managed to do it which is not bad considering this is the first time I cycle in a group for more than 10 years and this is also the first time I hit the dirt for after more than 6 years! Challenging for me (but maybe not to many of the gang today!!) and very very VERY exciting.....will do more of it in the future - DEFINITE!

What I liked about the ride today was we managed to cover many kind of surfaces - road, walking path, sand, dirt, loose dirt, bushes, wooden platform, bike trail, gravel.....really exciting experience since each surface gives different traction and thus requires different maneuvering skills.
We started quite late - I was the first to be on location (and last to reach it on my T-Bolt, ahahaha!!) and at about 8:25am we started rolling, roadies leading the way (and quickly vanished from our radar shortly after!). We did our pace and stopped at many interesting locations - to take photos and to listen to briefing by the gang (seasoned and very experienced government officers, army high rankings, engineers, town planner, architect, doctors, pilot, multimedia producer...a motley of friendly people! (owh yeah, and a business analyst who thinks he should have been a photojournalists/ documentary photographer!)

After the ride we had a feast (ohh yeah.....we deserve it!) and after the feast I took the toll of being so careless not to do proper warm-up & warm-down - MASSIVE CRAMP!!! Darn it, it really hurts.
...but it did not stop me from going to to Ted's studio - just to divert my course and pay a visit to the good old Saujana Impian neighborhood clinic! Got some pain killers & muscle relaxant (and a good advice from the doctor - as what I got from the Motley Bunch - get a good rest!)

A couple of isotonic drinks from 7-11 and a chat with Napie & Ted after collection Ted's part of the job we are doing, I then went to the car wash place and got my old car a good bath...and the T-Bolt too.
The drive back to the condo was really painful tho.....and I just could not do anything after a decent lunch with the kids, got online for a while, did some prayers then I took the muscle relaxant and the next thing I realized everything was dark and cold....of was 9pm when I woke up from a good rest!! Muscles relaxed, spirit raring to go for another ride, I had dinner with the kids and off I get the T-Bolt from the car and bring it up to the condo laaa...not for another round of cycling!!

Good achievement for a start..infact, it's a bit too high a benchmark but nothing is wrong with that...I bought the T-Bolt because cycling was my passion - and IS still my passion together with photography, different arena, for different purposes. Owh...I need to remind myself to get a better seat for the rig - the wider & comfy ones used by some of the bunch from Bridgestone or Velo or whatever brand I can get lah! because when your butt hurts being on a slim and sporty looking seat. Other than that, I think the T-Bolt was worth every sen I spent....wonderfully light when climbing and sturdy on dirt, sand & gravels.....minor "stunts" here and there.....great rig at a very reasonable price.

Looking forward for the next ride!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Masa yg tak pernah cukup?!!

That's my problem...and this year i am not going to let it happen. every single moment counts - priority to my kids & family & my journey to become a professional phorojournalist/ documentary photographer/ and get some more bigger dough with my commercial jobs too, insyaAllah.

What's been going on the past 2-3 weeks would be the transition part of our "new life". New because we are not going to have any maid in the house - except for weekend cleaner & care takers, 2 of that would come for one day - Sunday or Saturday.
New because the kids are starting their Chinese education - fairly OK for Neena according to the Principal BUT may be a bit tough for Alisya & Naufal....insyaAllah they will do fine.
New because Mama is going to more classes related to her own passion & business intent.
New because I have decided to take my passion more seriously and have been getting positive response & collaboration with established local professionals - not that I am retiring soon but I would know when to make the move insyaAllah...and more importantly, I just want to be free from the current organization & some of the people in it - muak & mual already with their personalities and such - and I have become more sensitive to arrogant people...and more. All these people, nak menang sgt tak abis2, silalah menang, kat akhirat nanti settle la with my Allah.

The past 2 weeks been very hectic, as mentioned...with jobs, exhibition planning works, outings & taking care of the kids at the same end February we should be accustomed with this "new life"....insyaAllah....
Neena in her jogger

Monday, January 12, 2009


...managed to get myself something from what I managed to make from last year's effort....will soon be re-living another passion that I have long neglected (since I got Alisya & Naufal!)

Unfortunately, I only managed to ride the rig once (itu pun hari dah panas tapi sebab "speret", henjut jugak la!)
....been extremely busy and tired - moving to the new place AND looking after the kids first few days in the new kindergarten....and just about to complete burning back-up of the original files for my first official job in 2009 (well, we have one more session before editing can be done and prints negotiation/ finalization can be executed) but bulk of the job is done - Alhamdulillah...more to come insyaAllah....
Wanted to write about many things but maybe in the next couple of weeks after things are espected to be much smoother, insyaAllah.

Dalam pada sibuk, sempat jumpa AbeDib for lunch (a long lunch!) and talked about many stuff, cycling being the main topic....InsyaAllah, will joining for weekend rides (maybe weekdays too if there's too many weekends booked for jobs and whatever)...the only thing is I need a proper gloves...and more solo ride to re-condition far only managed to conquer the hill up to the condo and ramp it up to the second floor of the parking lot, straight to the door of our home....not bad for a start, a bit too high as an initial benchmark actually.....oh well, we'll see how it goes!

It's just a Proton...nothing wrong with that, right?
Proton T-Bolt (standard specification)
Proton T-Bolt (standard specification)

Proton T-Bolt (standard specification)

Friday, January 02, 2009


I am feeling guilty. Very. Aliya is not well - on & off - and we have been busy clearing the house while the kids have to spend the day with
grandparents. We have not celebrated Aliya's 3rd Birthday due to the messy environment at our new condo and the house. Really yrying to
make it that by this evening the house should be cleared and by the end of the week the condo should be in a more 'presentable' condition
On Thursday I totally forgot about lunch as I tried to clear up the boxes in my room! I realized of only when I was placing order for
dinner with the family later in the evening. Aliya vomitted but she was in a good mood most of the evening. Have to get Mama to spend more
time with her....which means I have to clear the house alone this afternoon.....
The SRi is back to it's prime condition....well, almost! A bit of tweaking (and couple of burnt wallets) it will be better than it used to be. 3k down the drain (and maybe a sprrding ticket right after I took the SRi from Mike's place), all I can say is Alhamdulillah.....worth every sen spent (or to b spent - as far as the speeding is concerned!)...anyway it is just a Proton....not a German marque!
Have to rest....Must! It is gonna be a hectic weekend...and it seems like this blog is gonna be updated via my small iPod Touch more often than always...

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The end of the year

The end of the year
The Internet connection at the office hasn't been good at all.....I
wanted to write more but time is a big constraint on me. Writing on
the move? Not having the correct tool yet. Might be getting a proper
mobile soon since the P900 has been 6 years in service, the longest
ever period I have ever sticked to a mobile. My preference would never
be any Windows based device. Symbian and perhaps Apple or Blackberry
would be my choice.
It is already 2009 as I wrote this. Been a hectic year to the end,
2008. My last achievements would be clinching a Rm3k wedding job at
the last moment, moving the heavy stuff to the condo and single
handedly arrange the hall and finally get a reliable workshop to get
the SRi really fixed (though quite reasonably costly!)
We went to the pool & playground floor to watch the fireworks. I think
this would be the first time I watch fireworks in kain pelikat. Aliya
loves it while the twins enjoyed playing the swings instead. Hopefully
2009 would be kinder year to me & my family. One thing for sure, I am
making my next gearshift in photography, working more seriously with a
couple of professionals on different fields to start getting serious
money. Dah muak kena tindas & naya dgn manusia yg riak bongkak
takabbur, juah, mudah lupa diri & tak kenal erti syukur & rendah
diri....with people like these playing cards of your future survival,
you cannot rely on the organization anymore. I have had enough bashing
& backstabbing, I have positively took the action against the negative
situation & for the past years I have crafted my journey outside the
organization and the target now is I just want to focus on giving my
kids & family more decent life without relying on the organization too
much.....please help me Allah.
Can't wait to drive the good ol' SRi tomorrow.....and maybe spend some
moolahs for myself......Hmmmm.....

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