Saturday, December 20, 2008

Natural progression

I don't have any clear idea why I wrote the title above but it just came across my mind and I thought it may lead to something interesting......
So far the only thing I can comfortly converse when it comes to this topic, would be the journey I am in....not the one involving ladders, snakes, monkeys and corporate setup but my journey in the photography arena...I started late, seriously! ...but I have been progressing quite well considering the kind of people and politics I have to deal with even though I am out of The Zoo. One thing for sure, if ever there will be seperatiom scheme option I might just grab it and slingshot my plan to reality.....InsyaAllah.
Another natural progression worth talking about would be that of my Baby Aliya. Ok she is going to be 3 years old soon and for some people that is not a baby anymore but from my point of view my babies will always be my babies no matter what is their age : )
Now, for some reasons, Aliya @ Neena has been fond of snow. She actually collected some polystyrene pieces used as artificial snow to decorate x-mas tree and put it in a tupperware case...and claims that as her snow. Maybe one day we'll be somewhere packing snowballs Neena, InsyaAllah.
A week after I wrote the above paragraph, I sense and experienced a change in my area of taking charge and accepting responsibility. It just a natural progression, nothing to do with "gila kuasa" nor am I hoping for favorable rewards or all that just a progression, sort of a rebound from a deep abyss I found myself being thrown in by the ZooCreatures. This is something good, I think.

It is 5:00am and that means I have been awake for about 1hr 30min since the last word was entered in the paragraph above. Updated and synch the iPod Touch and managing the playlist on Yoda while listening to Belantara's "Pelangi & Nafiri" which is one of the best songs ever created. The lyrics:

Lihat alam sekitar
Yang mencabar mata
Akalmu yang sempurna
Ciptaan Yang Esa
Pancaindera yang dikurnia
Kenalilah warna
Pelangi yang berspektra
Simbolkan nirwana

Awan merah bergantungan
Hanya menunggu masa panggilan Tuhan

Selamilah hatimu
Persoalkan penuh jitu
Pepatah perjanjianmu
Satu demi satu
Dosa noda kelabu
Hentikan dikau perlu
Agar kedua duniamu
Merdu bak perindu

Neraca timbangan amalmu
Titian penentu nasibmu

Mari tetapkan hatimu
Mari sujudkan jasadmu

Pada Yang Satu

Jasadmu meronta
Dengan dosamu
Janjimu menjunjung
Titah Yang Satu

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