Thursday, December 11, 2008

Delayed Gratification?

The last entry was done before I went to shoot for Alisya & Naufal's last performance for their kindergarten - Little Tots. I wanted to do a complete entry - from the moment I finished packing to the end of the event but I am just too occupied with many stuff on the Sunshine Floor. I am a bit worried - with al the travelling & conferences & courses, my deliverables been sloppy & behind schedules. The boss has mentioned this to me, allowing me time to grief and let it all out...all but in the end I need to get on top of the sickening emotion I have been in.
It is bad enough the idiots have damaged my reputation, I need to pick up the bits & pieces & continue the, that's what I have been struggling to do...thus why I don't quite have the time to continue the last entry. if there are many who really read this blog anyway lah! .....but don't get me wrong, I know some of you love to read what I write about my kids and what have I - out of the spirit of camaraderie and all....I really appreciate it! Thank you!

I have done a new serie - documentary - with the CHAPs. We went to Ipoh and met our buddies there - Ipoh Geng you guys are great! - and spent the whole day documenting stuff. I am still editing the best shots I managed to compose and once it is ready with proper caption & narration I will put it on my Flickr & here, insyaAllah.
Alahaiiii sooo many things to do! The Shots I did during Jeroen's visit is still not edited too. The kindergarten events.....solo outings...Belantara's.....owh not even going to talk about the invouces I am yet to submit the clients....
One thing at at time thing at a time....insyaAllah.

Since I have not been good on papers when it comes to performance, I have spent much time considering my next move - outside the building I am being employed. Maybe one day I will make that step and leave all this backstabbing & buttkissing areana for good. InsyaAllah. I just could not put any more hope....too much dissappointments and its always me to be blamed. Easy for some muthafuckas to say things on FaceBook and all - sekarang kau boleh la team-up & belagak sombong & kaya....nanti kat akhirat kau dgn kuncu2 kau akan merasa laa balasan....kacang lupakan kulit....

It is good to know I have many humble good buddies around me....those I can trust for real, because they are not governed by tamak-haloba & gila pangkat....for those humble good buddies - I salute you!

The shot I posted was done coupple of days ago.....thats how the landscape looked like. Cropped & adjusted levels....nothing more. Sent it so some buddies and almost immediately they responded - they like it very much.

It's a gratification for know others are happy with the shots I did for them or sent them...
....and maybe one day I will get a delayed gratification.....

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