Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How wide is wide??

Shot using the newly owned Tokina ATX-124 PRO DX, the legendary 12-24mm f4 lens that I have always wanted to have. Alhamdulillah!
Owh...the main subject is the old-faithful Persona 1.8 DOHC- SRi, quite recently revived too! Nobody's allowed to touch this wheels anymore, enough damage done by others!!

How wide is wide?
It all depends on how you compose your shots I guess! As for me, 12-24mm (which equals to 18-36mm on The Beast @ my D300) is perfect for my style of shooting. I don't know..I just feel lucky & blessed to be able to grab this lens which is pretty much just like a new set with warranty and all at almost Rm1k less than the actual price...Alhamdulillah. Patience & preseverence really pays in the end! More interesting shots of my babies and photojourno/ documentary works after this, insyaAllah!
I wonder how I would have done my shots the other day should I have the 12-24mm already....but getting it ater I did the "Pekeliling flats - The end of a beginning" is another mark of personal milestone...the assignment was the first of such - composing stills and emotions without living being in the frame...such a challenge. As one of my mentors put it, it is not easy to compose an empty frame (stills with no human/ living being as the element) and capture the emotion to be felt by viewers....and I have manged to reach that level....Alhamdulillah.
No, Wallahi I am not bragging...just stating the obvious to fuel my own self - you are on your way Torque!

I just cannot explain how happy & honored I am to have buddies like Shamshahrin,@ImageMaker, Namerumonka, RahmanRoslan, IanAhmad, Jidin, TedAdnan, Masri, Shahroll, Pencerita, Zayd, Bawal@Grom, Napie, KacuksMraz, Albar, Nadio, SAR, Alongz and all CHAPS core team members....thanx guys! You all have contributed a lot to my journey, still a long way to go but I am progressing, we all are, insyaAllah!
...and to have them use ~ [their name] /CHAPS, Malaysia in each of their works....is such an honor...thank you guys! You are the best buddies anybody could ever have!
ALMOST Images à la sauvette?!
Khairudin Mohd Thani @ Jidin of CHAPS clowning around while having a break during the recent outing.
~ Khairil Faizi Jamian/ CHAPS, Malaysia.

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