Monday, November 03, 2008

Should I be Getting A Motorbike?

Definition of motorbike:
In simple words, a two wheeled motorized transportation to take you
from point A to point B.
The first time I learn to ride a motorbike was when I was about 10
years old. It was a Yamaha Autolube 70cc which my father purchased for his own reasons which the family still does not understand. Abah (TokAbah to my babies) came back from his afternoon teaching session
with this orange bike and funky multi-colored helmet (ok....I don't actually know how to describe it but the base color was maroon with tiny dots of multi-colored kind of stardusts sprinkeld on it).
Anyway, it was a big surprise because Abah usually takes the schoolbus and furthermore he has no license for motorbike. The Yamaha servedus well - I used to send foods & stuffs to our grandparents who lived about 5 minutes ride but I never rode it to town nor on the road. The
Yamaha even became our main transportation when we were being conned by some car dealer once.
When I turned 13 years old I officially got my "B2" class license which means I am allowed to ride a motorbike with engine capacity up to 250cc. Yet, I never rode the motorbike to town. The only time I "officially" use the license would be when I borrowed the similar motorbike belonging to Ashok - the cook of the hostel I was assigned at Sekolah Melayu Jalan Stesyen, K.K to go to town "in style" and breaking the school rules a bit (shhhh! don't tell my parents).....and a few other "emergency" situation when I was taking my degree classes.
Though I have proper license and well if I may claim it - experience - I have never owmed a motorbike. Not that I do not want to but more like my mother seems to have some reservations about motorcyclistd - the dangerous part of riding a motorbike. I clearly understand her worries, especially since I became a father.
However, I have been seriously contemplating to get a motorbike recently - especially when the fuel price went up and the fact that I can save a lot with a decent one when I moved into the condo.
Furthermore, I have no mood to repair my 1.8L DOHC UK Spec Persona (the original Persona not the recent flimsy type) mainly because all the damages were not done by me yet I had to fork up every single sen to mend the damages. No fun at all....especially if the moolahs could have been spent for other stuff like getting proper upgrades for my photography journey or whatever I like to do since it is my moolahs anyway! Well, no use lamenting ....might as well do it and move on....
That is why I have been spending quite an amount for my own self since...hmmm.....September. Whatever I can afford and I really need to make things move for myself.
Today the urge and pressure to get the bike came another round. Instead of mending the Persona I think this time I will really make a trip to a shop and get myself a decent scooter first.....the Ducati or Yamaha LowRider can come later....when I have time to go for full B class license.
Because I am tired of relatives who have no considerations on people like me & wifey. We work long hours & what we really crave to do on weekends is to just be with our kids - bring them anywhere and just spend time with them.
Thus why we need the one and only functioning car that we have been maintaining for that matter. Now tell me how the hell are we going to be able to do that if these inconsiderable relatives keep on pestering us to borrow the car for their own personal use everytime they wish to....or ask us to drive them anywhere regardless it is a working day or a weekend? When the rig is damaged nobody would even give a single sen to fix it. I pay tax by the way!
I am really strict & fierce when it comes to my time with the kids and irresponsibly inconsiderate relatives. It is already bad for us to live the hectic live in the city, we sure do not need anymore unnecessary pressure so that is why I can be very stubborn when it comes to being a chauffer or letting others use the car.....and leaving the kids at home during weekends. No way.
Maybe I will get the bike....and then service the Persona....but I won't let others use both the Persona and the bike and nor would I maintain the current wheels anymore....if everybody thinks that farking wheels are for them to claim whenever they are in town, then they better start learning the fact that there is no such thing as free maintenance....because I am spending more for my kids & me from now on.

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