Tuesday, November 11, 2008


@8:00pm 10.11.2008
For the first time in my life, I experienced a badly delayed flight. I
am now at the gate and the plane is right infront of me - with the
technical crews trying to rectify the problem. Next announcement on the
situation will be in 30 minutes time.....

The flight is canceled....due to the problem they have in the front landing gear. Made friends with some of the passengers....
Had to get a room at the same hotel...transport from & to the airport is covered....but are they not supposed to pay for the room too?

@6:30am 11.11.2008
As I wrote this, I am getting ready to check out and go to the airport...the flight will be to Kuching, more than 2 hours transit then to KLIA. will write more about it...

@11:19am 11.11.2008
I am now in Kuching International Airport with Sulaiman who works on a rig with the same company as me & Norman, student of UPM Bintulu. With a glass of regular drinks of our choice each, we are surfing away at CoffeeBeans.

Made friends with some of the stranded passengers, some took the Miri flight which means they had to take a car to Miri last night since th elight to KLIA is at 6am today.

Another group - mostly the plant people that I know - too the MASwings to Sibu and the connecting flight to KLIA - they will arrive 1hour earlier than us....they have to since they have a connecting flight to Hanoi!

Last night I did some shots while waiting for the decision to cancel the flight & while getting the replacement flight...mostly on the P5000 because I was too tired to use the D300!
Some passengers have connecting flights so they were the ones that were most worried....and made most noises...and the first to lost their cool...ehehhe!
Some of the posters/ buntings are not really "helpful" too
...weehehehe!!....like, no need to rush...definitely! How can you rush when there's no way the plane can lift-off!
Anyway....we got free foods....
(erk, hey that looks familiar, that box...)....ooh well!

Anyway, the cab driver that took me & Norman back to Bintulu last night & to the airport again this morning - was cool. Take the number & name as what you can see on the dashboard in this pix....friendly uncle he is! Oh yes, that's a Hummer H3 infront of us alright!

About to board the flight to KL....hopefully no delays!

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