Saturday, November 29, 2008

NatGeo Stuff

National Geographic's The Earth Explorer Photo Bag Collection
The NG 5162 Medium Backpack

Ordered this before I went to Singapore....was waiting for me when I came back. The shop was so impressed with the quality, they ordered one more for their own display unit!

This bag will replace the Crumpler SinkingBarge which will be serving my bro in law MrJinx in the near future.

Why this bag?
Well, because this is my rezeki.....and it will be put to good use, like all of my equipments, insyaAllah!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Travel Marvel

Singapore. The Merlion (background) with a miniature one in the foreground....Esplanade Theater and The Flyer in a distance. The landmarks of the island on the tip of Peninsular Malaysia, formerly known as Temasek!

It has been about 16 years since I last set foot on this island. A refreshing experience, definitely, after 16 years I finally had the oportunity to be there attend a conference that lasted 2 days and another half day of workshop/ conversation with world class professionals in the fields of discussion - I will have another entry for the conference lah! - which translates to: I have only the evening for my walk & shoot activities!

Not a problem! I take it as it is - compose the best I can with very limited light source. Al of my shots were done without flash except the shot above - CLS technique with Sb900 as the slave.
The rest would be on high ISO setting & shutter speed as low as 1/15.

I should say Singapore is an interesting place to do street & lifestyle kind of documentary. Maybe when I decided to quit working and do my documentary stuff I should stay there for 1-2 weeks and just do it....after Maghribi & Peru perhaps!

Fountain of Wealth was the first place I went, was hoping to capture the splashing water but my timing was never right! It's just a couple of meter away from the conference hall....
....and the hotel I stayed is just across the road-lah!

One place that I have been hearing a lot about would be Mustafa Center...took a cab on my second night in Singapore and realized that I can find almost anything I can afford (definitely not much la compared to many other rich people kan!) and can't afford! Heck even the Teva I am wearing is available - displayed like like Carre-Four's Crocs imitation. I did not but anything (infact the cash I used up in Singapore were just for my meals and taxi fares!) because I don't intend moving to the new condo soon so cash is kinda tight....since I am not awarded as PPA 2 Leadership Rating 2 performer and my future rating & chance to get better pay is not looking good thank you to the Zoo bastards again....tak apa lah it is ok I can make do with whatever I have and already started working on alternative ways to make it through....I don't need a frigging Bimmer nor a farking Honda to broadcast to all I am doing well like them lah! Arrogant Bastardly Losers........sampai kiamat aku ingat what they have done to me...(emo plak tiba2 nih...sial punyer unit, it's like a contagious sector in my life already, even worse then the blardy HPV-B I am dealing with)

Anyway...Mustafa Center was nice. I observed the people in the complex, on the streets...around the area...and I actually walked back to Marina Mandarin to get the "feel" of being on the streets Singapore....

What's the big deal fo going to Singapore for a conference?
Not a big deal at all....many would smirk.... hell it's just Singapore - some people commute by plane everyday to KLIA-CHANGI-KLIA or vice versa!

BUT NOT ME! That's why I treasure the experience & I took time to observe & shoot the sites I went to....utilizing the gift of being able to see, from Allah...appreciate every single moment I am allowed to use my eyes...Alhamdulillah. Though the shots may not be a world class collection but it's what I saw during my stay and it will be seen by my kids & many long after I am gone. I can't afford a luxury car nor a posh condo for each of them but I would stirve to leave as many as possible the shots I can...things that I have viewed with my verry own eyes when I am alive.

On my way to KLIA, I somehow met the GE Asia President at the KL Central who still remembers me and we had a good conversation, he invited me to visit his new office not far from the previous one when I first established contact with him for the The Zoo. I respect him a lot. A humble & friendly leader.

Wonder how would it be if some arrogant bastard in The Zoo actually sits in the position like that....

Ahaa..talking about The Zoo, I had a fruitful conversation with Arthur Shelly the author of The Organizational Zoo. Such a coincident that we used the same method to explainand relate to the characters in the office. I told Arthur my piece of mind, what I have observed & written in this blog & my journal (no, not moleskine just a close imitation of a moleskine!) and the only thing is, Arthur, you made it big and I am still a lower rate worker in a big organization! He laughed and agreed!

Arthur is a great speaker and writer....too bad I did not manage to buy the book from him - only 30 units available and gone in a jiff....but I got a better deal than everybody else, Arthur is sending me a copy free of charge!! Ahahaah!! from the author of The Organizational Zoo, for the fat guy who has been battered by the creatures of The Zoo. Not bad at all....and I can just walk to any of the presenters & authors - ExWorldBank bigwig, CIA/DEA/DIA Advisors, SAF bigwig..many others....and get conneccted fast.....maybe I should reconsider to go back to marketing & trading divisions before I retire just for the fun of it....

Maybe I will have another opportunity to meet the speakers &'s really refreshing to know we are on the same frequency....kinda a reward and a bit of some healing from being treated like worthless scum by the leaders I used to serve for....

6. long Singapore! See you again insyaAllah!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How wide is wide??

Shot using the newly owned Tokina ATX-124 PRO DX, the legendary 12-24mm f4 lens that I have always wanted to have. Alhamdulillah!
Owh...the main subject is the old-faithful Persona 1.8 DOHC- SRi, quite recently revived too! Nobody's allowed to touch this wheels anymore, enough damage done by others!!

How wide is wide?
It all depends on how you compose your shots I guess! As for me, 12-24mm (which equals to 18-36mm on The Beast @ my D300) is perfect for my style of shooting. I don't know..I just feel lucky & blessed to be able to grab this lens which is pretty much just like a new set with warranty and all at almost Rm1k less than the actual price...Alhamdulillah. Patience & preseverence really pays in the end! More interesting shots of my babies and photojourno/ documentary works after this, insyaAllah!
I wonder how I would have done my shots the other day should I have the 12-24mm already....but getting it ater I did the "Pekeliling flats - The end of a beginning" is another mark of personal milestone...the assignment was the first of such - composing stills and emotions without living being in the frame...such a challenge. As one of my mentors put it, it is not easy to compose an empty frame (stills with no human/ living being as the element) and capture the emotion to be felt by viewers....and I have manged to reach that level....Alhamdulillah.
No, Wallahi I am not bragging...just stating the obvious to fuel my own self - you are on your way Torque!

I just cannot explain how happy & honored I am to have buddies like Shamshahrin,@ImageMaker, Namerumonka, RahmanRoslan, IanAhmad, Jidin, TedAdnan, Masri, Shahroll, Pencerita, Zayd, Bawal@Grom, Napie, KacuksMraz, Albar, Nadio, SAR, Alongz and all CHAPS core team members....thanx guys! You all have contributed a lot to my journey, still a long way to go but I am progressing, we all are, insyaAllah!
...and to have them use ~ [their name] /CHAPS, Malaysia in each of their such an honor...thank you guys! You are the best buddies anybody could ever have!
ALMOST Images à la sauvette?!
Khairudin Mohd Thani @ Jidin of CHAPS clowning around while having a break during the recent outing.
~ Khairil Faizi Jamian/ CHAPS, Malaysia.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Note: Tokina 12-24mm f4

Tokina 12-24mm f4
Used a month Rm1500
Deal done Rm1350
Cmie 012.2xx.3xxx
Collect Monday17-Nov-2008

It has been quite a while since I last used the lens mentioned above.
Well actually the only chance I had to use it was during the 1million citizen protest against the fuel price hike. Thanks to Kyrolsan! It is a superb lens! I decided I must have day! The day would be next Monday InsyaAllah. Hope to create more great
shots with the lens.....InsyaAllah!

On Friday 14 Nov 2008 I had a bad news....the Zoo decided to give me
yet another below average rating for the last few months I was there.
Really an insult but Alhamdulillah. Kalau tidak di dunia, di akhirat
kelak kita terima balasanNya.
Biarlah orang nak bongkak atau takabbur atau riak dgn jawatan mereka,
dah tergolong high society...selected leaders...ramai terlupa mereka
adalah khalifah Allah sebenarnya, setaraf dgn Bangla & Indon Muslim yg
mereka maki herdik & kaum sebangsa yg mereka pijak ludah ...maybe they
plan to have their title plate on their coffin.....tengoklah
nanti...Alhamdulillah...rasalah nanti doa mereka yg teraniaya....

I have done a some outings and jobs since Ramadhan and some of it is yet to be edited and submitted. None is too urgent that I may need to spend sleepless nights to complete. The recent one would be for the Little Tots Grads of 2008....took leave for that purpose and just to spend the rest of the day with the kids.

Alisya & Naufal put on the robe for some posed shots since they are not going to graduate there but going to a Chinese medium kindy soon...and so is Aliya....

I spent the morning with Aliya doing some shopping at Tesco...later in the evening I had a date with Alisya kat Alamanda pulak! Great day.

Very productive investment on better equipments really is working out well! Alhamdulillah!

....and I spent countless hours trying to complete some short documentary works to publish in CHAPs, usually as soon as I got back from any of the outings . I guess the passion and drive to move myself to the next level is the oxygen that keeps me energized and going. I find it a satisfying experience every time we go outing. There will always be shots that will be masterpiece - our own masterpiece at the very least, if not being envied or praised by advanced amateurs alike or some other well known professional photographers. At the rate and discipline we are going , we know we are going to make it big in the future....insyaAllah...

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Pekeliling Flats - The end of a beginning

The CHAPS organized an impromptu outing recently - let it be known there will be more of this from now on! The interests started off when a bunch of "usual suspects" crash into the newly installed Talk-Cock Block @ ChikenChatSpace...and decided to go for an outing. The Pekeliling Flat Series will be presented by those who went for the outing in stages, within a week or so, insyaAllah.

One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats was the second high-rise residential after the Suleiman Court. In 2006, two of the eleven blocks - A and B - were demolished to give way for future development of the city. The piece of land where Blocks A & B used to stand tall, has been turned to function as a parking lot, nothing more.
Now, almost 3 years later, the remaining blocks on the other side of the bustling road of Jalan Tun Abd Razak, void of legal tenants, awaits similar fate....

Part I: Blocks K & L

Welcome to the end....
What is left of what perhaps used to be a barber shop in Block K of the Pekeliling Flats.
One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats is to be demolished to make way for future developments.
~Khairil Faizi Jamian/CHAPS, Malaysia

Sign of life
A floorspace in Block L of the Pekeliling Flats cluttered with dusts & remnants. Block L & K would be the low rise units of the whole complex, housing business premises to the community back then. If you look closely there are clothing on the first floor of the background building, Block K. There are some illegal tenants still in these otherwise doomed blocks.
One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats is to be demolished to make way for future developments.
~Khairil Faizi Jamian/CHAPS, Malaysia

Keep the change
A floor lot in Block L. The abandoned counter gives a hint that this lot used to be a small restaurant.
One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats is to be demolished to make way for future developments.
~Khairil Faizi Jamian/CHAPS, Malaysia

Graffiti is here to stay
A rather unattractive graffiti on a wall of a shop lot in Block L.
In the background, you can see a contemporary playground, located in between the adjacent Block K & G.
One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats is to be demolished to make way for future developments.
~Khairil Faizi Jamian/CHAPS, Malaysia

Soon to rest in pieces
A man resting on a concrete bench at a small park near to Block L.
One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats is to be demolished to make way for future developments.
~Khairil Faizi Jamian/CHAPS, Malaysia

Broken pieces
A broken lampshade on top of what used to be small cabinets in a shop lot of Block L
One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats is to be demolished to make way for future developments.
~Khairil Faizi Jamian/CHAPS, Malaysia

Block keeper
An old Chinese lady, perhaps the only occupant of Block K.
One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats is to be demolished to make way for future developments.
~Khairil Faizi Jamian/CHAPS, Malaysia

Next up: The Taller Ones

Reflection of the past
A reflection of block F.
One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats is to be demolished to make way for future developments.
~Khairil Faizi Jamian/CHAPS, Malaysia

Block F and the moon in a broad daylight....
Block F still stood proud though totally vacant - except for illegal tenants/ squatters.
One of the earlier landmarks to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Tunku Abd Rahman Flats or better known as Pekeliling Flats is to be demolished to make way for future developments.
~Khairil Faizi Jamian/CHAPS, Malaysia

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


@8:00pm 10.11.2008
For the first time in my life, I experienced a badly delayed flight. I
am now at the gate and the plane is right infront of me - with the
technical crews trying to rectify the problem. Next announcement on the
situation will be in 30 minutes time.....

The flight is canceled....due to the problem they have in the front landing gear. Made friends with some of the passengers....
Had to get a room at the same hotel...transport from & to the airport is covered....but are they not supposed to pay for the room too?

@6:30am 11.11.2008
As I wrote this, I am getting ready to check out and go to the airport...the flight will be to Kuching, more than 2 hours transit then to KLIA. will write more about it...

@11:19am 11.11.2008
I am now in Kuching International Airport with Sulaiman who works on a rig with the same company as me & Norman, student of UPM Bintulu. With a glass of regular drinks of our choice each, we are surfing away at CoffeeBeans.

Made friends with some of the stranded passengers, some took the Miri flight which means they had to take a car to Miri last night since th elight to KLIA is at 6am today.

Another group - mostly the plant people that I know - too the MASwings to Sibu and the connecting flight to KLIA - they will arrive 1hour earlier than us....they have to since they have a connecting flight to Hanoi!

Last night I did some shots while waiting for the decision to cancel the flight & while getting the replacement flight...mostly on the P5000 because I was too tired to use the D300!
Some passengers have connecting flights so they were the ones that were most worried....and made most noises...and the first to lost their cool...ehehhe!
Some of the posters/ buntings are not really "helpful" too
...weehehehe!!, no need to rush...definitely! How can you rush when there's no way the plane can lift-off!
Anyway....we got free foods....
(erk, hey that looks familiar, that box...)....ooh well!

Anyway, the cab driver that took me & Norman back to Bintulu last night & to the airport again this morning - was cool. Take the number & name as what you can see on the dashboard in this pix....friendly uncle he is! Oh yes, that's a Hummer H3 infront of us alright!

About to board the flight to KL....hopefully no delays!

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Should I be Getting A Motorbike?

Definition of motorbike:
In simple words, a two wheeled motorized transportation to take you
from point A to point B.
The first time I learn to ride a motorbike was when I was about 10
years old. It was a Yamaha Autolube 70cc which my father purchased for his own reasons which the family still does not understand. Abah (TokAbah to my babies) came back from his afternoon teaching session
with this orange bike and funky multi-colored helmet (ok....I don't actually know how to describe it but the base color was maroon with tiny dots of multi-colored kind of stardusts sprinkeld on it).
Anyway, it was a big surprise because Abah usually takes the schoolbus and furthermore he has no license for motorbike. The Yamaha servedus well - I used to send foods & stuffs to our grandparents who lived about 5 minutes ride but I never rode it to town nor on the road. The
Yamaha even became our main transportation when we were being conned by some car dealer once.
When I turned 13 years old I officially got my "B2" class license which means I am allowed to ride a motorbike with engine capacity up to 250cc. Yet, I never rode the motorbike to town. The only time I "officially" use the license would be when I borrowed the similar motorbike belonging to Ashok - the cook of the hostel I was assigned at Sekolah Melayu Jalan Stesyen, K.K to go to town "in style" and breaking the school rules a bit (shhhh! don't tell my parents).....and a few other "emergency" situation when I was taking my degree classes.
Though I have proper license and well if I may claim it - experience - I have never owmed a motorbike. Not that I do not want to but more like my mother seems to have some reservations about motorcyclistd - the dangerous part of riding a motorbike. I clearly understand her worries, especially since I became a father.
However, I have been seriously contemplating to get a motorbike recently - especially when the fuel price went up and the fact that I can save a lot with a decent one when I moved into the condo.
Furthermore, I have no mood to repair my 1.8L DOHC UK Spec Persona (the original Persona not the recent flimsy type) mainly because all the damages were not done by me yet I had to fork up every single sen to mend the damages. No fun at all....especially if the moolahs could have been spent for other stuff like getting proper upgrades for my photography journey or whatever I like to do since it is my moolahs anyway! Well, no use lamenting ....might as well do it and move on....
That is why I have been spending quite an amount for my own self since...hmmm.....September. Whatever I can afford and I really need to make things move for myself.
Today the urge and pressure to get the bike came another round. Instead of mending the Persona I think this time I will really make a trip to a shop and get myself a decent scooter first.....the Ducati or Yamaha LowRider can come later....when I have time to go for full B class license.
Because I am tired of relatives who have no considerations on people like me & wifey. We work long hours & what we really crave to do on weekends is to just be with our kids - bring them anywhere and just spend time with them.
Thus why we need the one and only functioning car that we have been maintaining for that matter. Now tell me how the hell are we going to be able to do that if these inconsiderable relatives keep on pestering us to borrow the car for their own personal use everytime they wish to....or ask us to drive them anywhere regardless it is a working day or a weekend? When the rig is damaged nobody would even give a single sen to fix it. I pay tax by the way!
I am really strict & fierce when it comes to my time with the kids and irresponsibly inconsiderate relatives. It is already bad for us to live the hectic live in the city, we sure do not need anymore unnecessary pressure so that is why I can be very stubborn when it comes to being a chauffer or letting others use the car.....and leaving the kids at home during weekends. No way.
Maybe I will get the bike....and then service the Persona....but I won't let others use both the Persona and the bike and nor would I maintain the current wheels anymore....if everybody thinks that farking wheels are for them to claim whenever they are in town, then they better start learning the fact that there is no such thing as free maintenance....because I am spending more for my kids & me from now on.

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