Friday, October 24, 2008

Stars of Syawal

The Hari Raya Gathering for the Sunshinefloor (title above) went well - except for the technical glitch....though I have decided to never buy anything with MicroSoft OS couple of years back, last night I made another decision - never buy anything from MicroSoft forever! The whole team had to scramble like lipas kudung to deal with the glitch - well not a glicth but a disaster!
Anyway, the red-carpet event went well...the "hired" photographers & tag-alongs really created the desired mood and the Sunshinefloor members enjoyed it. There are at least 10 DSLRs and 20-30 lenses used altogether....and about 8 speedlights (eheheh....some DSLRs do not need speedlight for the shooting last nigt). Cool!.


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