Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sleepless in SateVille

It was a tiring day, Wednesday. Sent Mama to the airport, she will be in Singapore for two days. The kids woke up early o hug her goodbye. Went straight to office from KLIA. The whole day was tiring but when I got back after Maghrib, I decided to take the kids to Tesco. Alisya refused to join, she wanted to watch PHDC instead. On the way back from Tesco, I had a good all started when Neena asked me:
Neena - Ayyah, Neena nak agu achun (Neena nak lagu Rachun)
*her fav song nowadays, Racuun dunia by The Changcuters
Me - OK (switched to the requested number)
Naufal - Ayah, kenapa Neena ni asyik nak dengar lagu Racun saja?
Me - Sebab dia suka lagu Racun?
Naufal - Asyik nak dengar lagu Racun ajer....apa laa Neena ni. Tak naklah bela adik mcm ni!
Me - *Laughs & laughs.....and laughs~!

Macam bela kucing pulak si Naufal treat her kid sister! Anyway, the truth is he loves the sister so much, and Neena really loves her big bro, would scold me if I try top punish Naufal for something he did!

I expected a smooth shopping but it did not turn out quite smooth.....because the price of 10 pieces of CD-R was a whopping Rm199.90!! WTF!!!! RM19.90 per piece! I told the Cashier the price is Rm1.99 per piece at the shelve where I took it. She kept on telling me its Rm19.90 and when the runner came she mentioned the same too.....So I refused to purchase the frigging Cd-R la! When I was about to exit I decided to check the bill again and I realized the orientation-compass I bought was not in the shopping bag! Had to go up again and settle the matter.
waster at least 30minutes for the fiasco!

Not that I do not want to sleep but I just have to settle transfer & burn the shots I did last weekend...because this evening I may need the bigger sized Cf to shoot the planned event!

We'll see how it goes!

Am enjoing the songs by TragiComedy...and Hujan!

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