Monday, October 20, 2008

Others dressed for the - dressed to shoot

The kids had a splashing weekend....we went to PD for Family Day of the company Mama's working with. It's a total blessing for me to have a pretty wive and beautiful kids - being an ugly bloke. Why? Because I get to enjoy the prettier side of life, experience the beauty of having lovely people around me, observe what beautiful people do...and documenting them with my tools.
Sometimes I get jealous because I cannot be as pretty as them. Sometime I even feel like I am being left behind, being a total opposite. Others can join in the parade with lovely dresses & what have them, while I will always have difficulties in getting a comfortable fit for my kind of size. Almost never. That's why I am always seen in the same clothing - I wear what makes me feel comfortable....and unfortunately for me, that will make me the ugly being that I have been designed to be.

While others are clad in glamorous clothings that night, I had no choice but to come in my trackbottom & t-shirt.....and my snow cap just to feel "cool & hip"........and stay away from making the prettier crowd annoyed by my presence while doing my best to document them with my lenses.....

No words of appreciation, nevermind. I cannot ask for more than what I already have. Even from my loved ones, I leanrnt that I should not ask for their love, it's up to them to give me whatever they want to from their heart. It is easier to forgive and forget and move on to other stuff while I still have the time to do so.

I gave all my heart to them.....I wish I can give more....

Yeah....maybe I can.....I will leave more beautiful shots for them...have to compose & do much better shots from now on!

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