Tuesday, October 21, 2008


That's my baby. Aliya Irdina...who just wants to be called Neena for whatever reason she may has! Almost 3 but "kerenah" mengalahkan 5 years old..and just too friendly to almost everybody. She might just walk to anybody and say "Hello!" and then tow the person around all day long...dia berkenan sgtlah orang tu kalau she does that!

Why she decided to get her face painted like that? I guess it's because of her interests in cats...sometimes she'd crawl up on my tummy and goes meow-ing and pretending she's a cat....

....and so is her big sistah!
Observing her while I was shooting that night, Alisya just loves to be on stage, I guess. Like Mama who used to be active in theater act....and Grand Dad Nek Cat who used to act with the likes of Datuk (or is it Dato') Rahim Razali.
...and the handsomest guy in the family would be Naufal of course.....who's also not stage-shy as I observed him that night.

I have been awake to resolve some vidoe converting stuff (Read: Stuff I totally have no interest to do!) for the performance this Thursday. So here's what I am gonna do - I just have to drop the bomb and let it go - no use trying hard on stuff you have no interest nor passion in, definitely cannot succeed. I am a practical & simple guy anyway...why trouble myself to compete when in the first place I hate competition and trying hard to be in the limelight just for the sake of being in the limelight!

...frankly.......it was such a waste of my valuable time......
I'd rather be hugging my Neena!

now....I go SLEEP!!!

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