Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Weekend - part 3

The rest of the weekend was spent at the condo. We had a good dinner and the next morning the kids went for a swim.

When we got back to Kajang in the afternoon, they spent some time with their counsins Raiyan & Raiq - who has moved in to the corner house.

Mahal juga harga rumah tu, kemut punyer owner - even asked for some payment for el-cheapo water heater or else he will take it with him - go ahead oldman, take it with you, we can buy better ones! Buwahahah!! What else could we expect....them BabyBoomers Generation really kedekut & penamak, sucks!

Anyway, it is good to have my kid sister & family living in the same housing area but we are moving....the next few months is going to be quite hectic & tiring!

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