Monday, October 13, 2008

Go. Do. Be.

It was a dark afternoon, viewed from The Sunshinefloor. Not as high as The Zoo but high enough for a decent view of the whole city...and our condo - which is located quite near and can be seen from the towers.

It's almost 2 months since I stepped onto The Sunshinefloor and I am enjoying every single day of it. In fact, I am more "connected" to the people here since we just had a really cool teambuilding in Perak last weekend. The highlight was white-water rafting. Damn....I really enjoyed the session!

The good thing about this people - they are VERY COMPETITIVE but they don't over-burn themselves - they take time to really chill down and enjoy the company of each others - from the junior executives up to the GM level.

Me? Well I have mentioned that I have no desire to climb up the corporate ladder anymore, I just want to serve these wonderful people, even if I don't get promotion till the end of my service long as I will always be with my family until the time comes...but before that, when my kids are big enough, I'd bring them for camping & mountain climbing......instead of joining many others in the race to climb the corporate ladder!

The last time I went mountain climbing would be like....9 years back. It was Mount Ledang (or Mount Ophir) with some buddies from the refinery plant in Melaka and my SriDamansara housemates - Piee, Chike, Ijan.
...and the only footwear that I used was a Teva outdoor sandals. Intentionally did that to put the brand to test (...and actually took the risks of not having any footwear IF the sandals failed!).
As expected, the brand promise was met. I have full confidence of the brand and thus, after 9 years of owning my last Teva, I bought another one just before I went whitewter rafting with the Sunshinefloor buddies last weekend. Yeah....quite an amount of moolahs to plonk for some piece of engineered rubber soles & stuffs....but it still delivers what I have previously experienced, as expected - comfortable fit, tough, very durable and cool design...and it will continue to deliver it's brand promise in years to come - insyaAllah!

Go. Do. Be.
...and the first Teva is still around, in Kuching, still being used by my brother in law!

Raya second week gone......and I missed the VWMC (VillaWangsamasCondo) community Raya Gathering which coincidently happened on the same weekend. This coming weekend, off to PD for my wifey's company family day....and the kids are really loking forward to it already!

FUN & friendliness! Almost 24x7.
Nothing like The Zoo.

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