Thursday, October 30, 2008

G10 "THE" ProSumer Class DigiCam

Photobucket THE THING!

I have been admiring The Canon PowerShot Series since their S3 IS....and the G10 is the ultimate of the series (for now). Ridiculously priced - Rm1,800 - this baby is a too good to be true deal for photographers - professionals or wannabe. Helped a buddy to get a good deal for one unit today - Rm1,800 all in the box with 4GB Toshiba Class4 SD (top up Rm90 to get a 8GB Transcend Class 6 SD), screen protector & original Canon leather carrycase.
The rotary dial knobs just gives that retro feel to this new technology and the full manual function is just heaven for photography buffs! If you have been thinking and wondering which digicam to buy....this is the one to buy - NOW! ;-)


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