Thursday, October 30, 2008


Nice skyline, I realized yesterday. Though I have the 70-300 Sigma attached to The Beast it did not stop me from composing this shot. I prefer to just work the strength of the equipment, instead of just giving excuses of the limitations. The shot may not be perfect but it is the best I can do with the equipments I have.
This other shot, today, was on the 50mm f1.8. Perfect lens for the job would be a proper wide angle lens perhaps....but again, I prefer to just work the strength of the equipment instead of giving excuses of the limitations.

What is my point?
People like lenses - has imitations. Good leaders would work on improving the limitations of their people and make them use their strengths & capability to the benefit of the company - and reward them proper....but not all Leaders are good, or at least try to be good leaders.
There are photographers who have superb & good lenses but only capable to produce lousy shots....and vice-versa.
When they manage to get good shots, the credits goes to the photographers anyway....not the lenses....
Good photographers concentrate on producing great shots with what ever equipments they have. They push their creativity and continue to master the equipments and never gets bored to improve themselves until their goals are reached.
Same like leaders in any organization, perhaps? least the good leaders....or those who are willing to try to be good leaders.

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