Thursday, October 30, 2008


Nice skyline, I realized yesterday. Though I have the 70-300 Sigma attached to The Beast it did not stop me from composing this shot. I prefer to just work the strength of the equipment, instead of just giving excuses of the limitations. The shot may not be perfect but it is the best I can do with the equipments I have.
This other shot, today, was on the 50mm f1.8. Perfect lens for the job would be a proper wide angle lens perhaps....but again, I prefer to just work the strength of the equipment instead of giving excuses of the limitations.

What is my point?
People like lenses - has imitations. Good leaders would work on improving the limitations of their people and make them use their strengths & capability to the benefit of the company - and reward them proper....but not all Leaders are good, or at least try to be good leaders.
There are photographers who have superb & good lenses but only capable to produce lousy shots....and vice-versa.
When they manage to get good shots, the credits goes to the photographers anyway....not the lenses....
Good photographers concentrate on producing great shots with what ever equipments they have. They push their creativity and continue to master the equipments and never gets bored to improve themselves until their goals are reached.
Same like leaders in any organization, perhaps? least the good leaders....or those who are willing to try to be good leaders.

G10 "THE" ProSumer Class DigiCam

Photobucket THE THING!

I have been admiring The Canon PowerShot Series since their S3 IS....and the G10 is the ultimate of the series (for now). Ridiculously priced - Rm1,800 - this baby is a too good to be true deal for photographers - professionals or wannabe. Helped a buddy to get a good deal for one unit today - Rm1,800 all in the box with 4GB Toshiba Class4 SD (top up Rm90 to get a 8GB Transcend Class 6 SD), screen protector & original Canon leather carrycase.
The rotary dial knobs just gives that retro feel to this new technology and the full manual function is just heaven for photography buffs! If you have been thinking and wondering which digicam to buy....this is the one to buy - NOW! ;-)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Weekend - part 3

The rest of the weekend was spent at the condo. We had a good dinner and the next morning the kids went for a swim.

When we got back to Kajang in the afternoon, they spent some time with their counsins Raiyan & Raiq - who has moved in to the corner house.

Mahal juga harga rumah tu, kemut punyer owner - even asked for some payment for el-cheapo water heater or else he will take it with him - go ahead oldman, take it with you, we can buy better ones! Buwahahah!! What else could we expect....them BabyBoomers Generation really kedekut & penamak, sucks!

Anyway, it is good to have my kid sister & family living in the same housing area but we are moving....the next few months is going to be quite hectic & tiring!

Long weekend - part 2

If you think the kids are going to be tired after the day's activity,, you are wrong....after shower, they became as active as ever....jumping and playing together....while Mama prepared the cuppies to be delivered that night.....
Aliya was paying much attention to what Mama was doing, I realized. Maybe one day she will be as good as Mama in the cooking division of the family....

It has been a long time since I last "lepak" with zaid & shuk of Belantara. Last Saturday, after I delivered the cupcakes I went to Concorde Shah Alam as planned. We had a good discussion, ImageMaker (my sifoo) was there too. I have to make some arrangement for shooting in November, OP for them for one "occasion" in that month. when we decided to call it a day it was almost 2am. I could barely stay awake....
Zaid testing his skills onThe Beast. Not bad!

Sunday, we went to the condo for a openhouse....and birthday party....then another openhouse. makan free jer one whole day! be continued...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Long weekend - part 1

I have been listening to Hujan's album. Really cool & talented kids they are. Even Alisya, Naufal & Aliya would pretend they are playing the guitars as they listen to the songs - especially Kuala Lumpur. My favorite number so far would be Kuala Lumpur & Bila Aku Sudah Tiada.....I think I can easily do the drums of these numbers....maybe!
Anyway, this weekened was something I really looked forward to - the week has been so hectic. I had to say no to a buddy who offered me a job of about Rm15k, simply because just want to be close to my family this weekend, I just want to be surrounded by them!
Started of with a big smile on Saturday when Aliya walked into my room and woke me up (yeah I stayed late to edit the shots I did for the Alcatel-Lucent Family Day last weekend). She gave me the cartoon cut-out done by Lat (Dato' Lat), saying that the character is me! Aliya waited for me to get ready and while she waited I let the Mac @ Yoda played Hujan lah!
First up delivery for my buddy's - Dr Amir Azlan Zain - dahughter, Layla. Mama baked the cake fresh, the decoration and all were completed minutes before we deliver it to their restaurant in Mont Kiara - really cool place, maybe I'll blog about it one day ok Amir!
From Mont Kiara, we went to Puchong - open house lah! Liyana & Ameera were eagerly waiting for the kids. Nice soto & kari ayam. Since we were all really hungry by the time we reached Puchong, we really wallop what we could untuil we are full and felt sleepy!
Well, sleepy or not, I had to drive so I have to be alert!
We went to Alamanda after that. Long time since we laast went there. Mama & the kids spent some time at MPH. I wanted to get the Hujan & Jason Mraz CDs but all sold out....and the CD shop was playing Malique's new release........only 2 copies available and one was boooked by one of the staff! With M Nasir involved the album, I think it is another cool HipHop work Malique so I took the last available copy! I have no regret purchasing it at all....Mama wanted the album by Bunga Cinta Lestari and the kids got their Iron Man CD....with a huge poster of Iron Man - for Naufal's room.
We spent some time ath Starbucks since it has been months since we last been there anyways. Me & Wifey used to lepak Starbucks almost everyday before we have the kids. I was testing Maxis's Wi-fi back then, a good reason why we lepak constantly at places like Starbucks, GloriaJean's. SanFranciscoCoffee, Dome, Austin Chase and whatever coffee selling outlets around KLCC - not that we are filthy reach nor trying hard to be like some IN-thing kind of people, we just do what we want to do and we don't actually bother about any "in-thing" of contemporary lifestyle, or what ever the IN-people wanna call it lah! ; )
Anyway, the kids love the Tuna sandwich & donuts of Starbucks - we let them enjoy the grubs while Mama read some magazines & I took some shots of Mama & the kids... be continued....tak larat nak abiskan in one shot!

+ Another cake delivery & lepak till 2am with Belantara
+ Birthday & Open Houses
+ Swim swim~!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stars of Syawal

The Hari Raya Gathering for the Sunshinefloor (title above) went well - except for the technical glitch....though I have decided to never buy anything with MicroSoft OS couple of years back, last night I made another decision - never buy anything from MicroSoft forever! The whole team had to scramble like lipas kudung to deal with the glitch - well not a glicth but a disaster!
Anyway, the red-carpet event went well...the "hired" photographers & tag-alongs really created the desired mood and the Sunshinefloor members enjoyed it. There are at least 10 DSLRs and 20-30 lenses used altogether....and about 8 speedlights (eheheh....some DSLRs do not need speedlight for the shooting last nigt). Cool!.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sleepless in SateVille

It was a tiring day, Wednesday. Sent Mama to the airport, she will be in Singapore for two days. The kids woke up early o hug her goodbye. Went straight to office from KLIA. The whole day was tiring but when I got back after Maghrib, I decided to take the kids to Tesco. Alisya refused to join, she wanted to watch PHDC instead. On the way back from Tesco, I had a good all started when Neena asked me:
Neena - Ayyah, Neena nak agu achun (Neena nak lagu Rachun)
*her fav song nowadays, Racuun dunia by The Changcuters
Me - OK (switched to the requested number)
Naufal - Ayah, kenapa Neena ni asyik nak dengar lagu Racun saja?
Me - Sebab dia suka lagu Racun?
Naufal - Asyik nak dengar lagu Racun ajer....apa laa Neena ni. Tak naklah bela adik mcm ni!
Me - *Laughs & laughs.....and laughs~!

Macam bela kucing pulak si Naufal treat her kid sister! Anyway, the truth is he loves the sister so much, and Neena really loves her big bro, would scold me if I try top punish Naufal for something he did!

I expected a smooth shopping but it did not turn out quite smooth.....because the price of 10 pieces of CD-R was a whopping Rm199.90!! WTF!!!! RM19.90 per piece! I told the Cashier the price is Rm1.99 per piece at the shelve where I took it. She kept on telling me its Rm19.90 and when the runner came she mentioned the same too.....So I refused to purchase the frigging Cd-R la! When I was about to exit I decided to check the bill again and I realized the orientation-compass I bought was not in the shopping bag! Had to go up again and settle the matter.
waster at least 30minutes for the fiasco!

Not that I do not want to sleep but I just have to settle transfer & burn the shots I did last weekend...because this evening I may need the bigger sized Cf to shoot the planned event!

We'll see how it goes!

Am enjoing the songs by TragiComedy...and Hujan!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


That's my baby. Aliya Irdina...who just wants to be called Neena for whatever reason she may has! Almost 3 but "kerenah" mengalahkan 5 years old..and just too friendly to almost everybody. She might just walk to anybody and say "Hello!" and then tow the person around all day long...dia berkenan sgtlah orang tu kalau she does that!

Why she decided to get her face painted like that? I guess it's because of her interests in cats...sometimes she'd crawl up on my tummy and goes meow-ing and pretending she's a cat....

....and so is her big sistah!
Observing her while I was shooting that night, Alisya just loves to be on stage, I guess. Like Mama who used to be active in theater act....and Grand Dad Nek Cat who used to act with the likes of Datuk (or is it Dato') Rahim Razali.
...and the handsomest guy in the family would be Naufal of course.....who's also not stage-shy as I observed him that night.

I have been awake to resolve some vidoe converting stuff (Read: Stuff I totally have no interest to do!) for the performance this Thursday. So here's what I am gonna do - I just have to drop the bomb and let it go - no use trying hard on stuff you have no interest nor passion in, definitely cannot succeed. I am a practical & simple guy anyway...why trouble myself to compete when in the first place I hate competition and trying hard to be in the limelight just for the sake of being in the limelight!

5. was such a waste of my valuable time......
I'd rather be hugging my Neena!

now....I go SLEEP!!!