Friday, September 26, 2008

New Tools

Yeah....more appropriate tool for professional shooters...or serious photographers...a D300 with MB-D10, 3 x EN-EL3e, OP/TECH strap...and a Crumpler: The Horseman.....
Got it all relative cheaper than what others would pay off the shelves of any regular outfit....
The lens is still the same ole 18-70mm D70s kitlens...the D70s in on vacation - it has served me well and took me where I am now....alhamdulillah!
More jobs & published works to come from this D300, insyaAllah!!
It's quite a challenge - changing from a decent DSLR to a more "sophisticated" one....but Iam catching up on the technical aspects with the help of some seasoned profesionals who have been using the same model or more advanced one.
recently went for a shoot-out with some newbies & seasoned was fun, Bazaar ramadhan near Stadium Shah Alam. First time I found "sotong ketuk" - Mama's favorite grum from Kuching - in Semananjung Malaysia!
Still struggling with teh D300 that time but it should not be long before I feel at ease with this beast!

Last night, as we walked together to the elevator from the condo parking lot, Alisya asked me something that made me realized how kids nowadays can observe & deduce some smart conclusion….

Alisya: Ayah! Kenapa Ayah tak kerja kat condo kita ajer (work from home – wifey’s company allows her to do that 2-3 days per week!)

Me: Erk…hmm…cannot sayang, Boss tak bagi.

Alisya: Owhh!! Ayah cakap ajer la dgn Boss Ayah, bagi Ayah kerja kat condo kita aje…cakap elok2 mesti boss ayah bagi…Ayah kerja kat condo kita saja lah ok? Boleh ya Ayah?

Me: Hmmm….oookkkk….(giggles) Tell you what Kakak…why don’t you tell my Boss? Nanti Ayah bawak Kakak ajelah jumpa Boss Ayah & Kakak bagitahu dia, ok?

Alisya: (Laughing) Apa laaa ayah ni….Alisya pulak kena cakap dgn Boss ayah.....(laughing)

....and she's not even in Standard 1 yet!

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