Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jakarta The Hectic

Hectic...the word I'd use to describe Jakarta...and my first business trip there.
....even the trip to KLIA was kinda hectic since we hav some stuff to settle before departure.

The first challenge was at the Grand Hyatt counter - I did not bought enough USD/ Indon rupiah to pay for the upfront guarantee. When I called them up prior to departure the total amount mentioned was diffferent and I have enough to pay for it so I decided not to convert anymore RM to Rupiah. Anyway, I was short of about 500k Rupiah, although I had a couple of thousands RM cash, the hotel does not accept any currency that those two. Being a person who decided not to use credit card for years, I was lucky to have TJ to swipe her goldcard first.
At the end of the trip, I have double the cash to pay for everything...weeheheheh...maybe I should get a credit card, or Amex or Diners for the purpose of travelling the world on business....hmmm...not that I want to "re-support" this kind of transaction....anyway the company is paying for it in the end...
The hotel was great....the mall attached was superb. I even had the opportunity to view some of Darwis Triadi's best photography works up for sale!!!
One day, I will be as good as Darwis...maybe better, insyaAllah!

Other than is business so we did our part of the deal as best as we could....and that spells - HECTIC! No time for me to shoot anything siut!!!
We practically had to "lock" ourselves in a meeting room and get things done in 2 days....with donuts & some foods as fuel to last us through the daylight!

The closest to a "riot" I can get......shot this while having a short break from the disscussion with the clients.....maybe next time I go to Indonesia I will plan for some extra day just to shoot some street scenes over there...

...anyway, it was an interesting experience.....and I am glad I am back with the kids now!

Had a great Mredeka celebration...coming up in the next post insyaAllah!

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