Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Work trip

The past few days Alisya has been sleeping on my tummy, just like she used to when she was a little baby. She just wants to be on my tummy! Last night Alisya, Naufal, Aliya & me slept in their room, Naufal insists to climb down from his bed and join us. As we were talking suddenly Alisya asked me:
A- Ayah nak pergi airport nak work (travel) esok eh?
M- Hmm...bukan esok Kakak, hari lagi satu. Kenapa?

A- Alisya taknak Ayah pergi airport, nanti Alisya takboleh kawan dgn Ayah. Alisya nak Ayah.

M- Ayah kena work Kakak, nanti Ayah balik kita pergi jalan2 ok Kakak?

A- Ayah jgn la pergi airport...Alisya nak kawan Ayah...
M- Hmm....ok mcm ni, Ayah kena work, nanti Ayah abis work cepat2 Ayah balik & bawak Kakak jalan2 lama2 ok?
A- OK Ayah....nanti Ayah balik ok.

M- Ok Kakak....now listen...Kakak, Naufal & Neena kena tidur, esok nak bangun awal Ayah nak work & hantar Kakak & Naufal pergi sekolah ok?

A- Nak cerita Sang Kancil Ayah?

So...I had to do a round of Sang Kancil - their version of the story which we have been creating all these while - and after some laughters they fell asleep...owhh.. Aliya decided to "Anak awan Ayah" (Tak nak kawan Ayah) and went down. Heheheheh...that cute little lady.

Yeah....I have to travel for 3 days starting tomorrow - business trip. Just a short while but it will be packed, am not sure if I am going to have time to shoot some stuff....
speaking of which....I bought a rarely used (like, almost new) P5000 Nikon at below Rm500 from a buddy yesterday...just too good to refuse and it will be great tool for macro shots....
Finally I started writing in the journal again after 2 months of struggling! I did it while having breakfast & waiting for my passport renewall process yesterday...have to be more rajin to write more in the journal.
Yesterday Aliya tried her best to stop me going to work! We played for a while - with her Bubble-blowing Train. She just loves it!
....well....definitely I am going to miss them during my business trip....good thing it is just 2 working days...

Have to pack my stuff tonight....
Gotta go back home early so that I can spend more time with the kids before tomorrow comes....

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