Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vrienden van Nederland

The title means "friends from Netherland".
This is one part of a furniture that I had to purchase last week...yeah..had to!
Not from Nederland..but close to it! The thing is not everyday we get to host a respectable Tun at our since he insisted to stay a couple of days at the condo, we had no choice but to go and buy some necessary items! Good thing we had the fridge and other stuff already installed!

On the other hand, I have been visiting the new unit since last week and - well I must admit this is rather funny for me, in fact I did not believe I did this - I actually bought a neck-tie before I went up to the new place! I was thinking like.....well it has been years since I last bought a let's treat myself with a decent one to mark the occasion (which will officially be next Monday actually!)
....I think this would probably be the most expensive pice I have ever in's less than RM100!

I had some shots of the colleagues at my new workplace in my facebook....well not all of them are new to me, some have been buddies for more than a decade.....

...but I have some new friends too on that floor....
...and yesterday, I met/ made more new friends, van Nederland...
Henk Abbing (First time in Malaysia!) of Gasunie who celebrated his 4xth. b-day yesterday...and Jacoba Bolderheij the head of Econs & Trade Division of the Nederland Embassy in Malaysia. The rest of the Gasunie team are Ulco Vermeulen, Peit Kager and Berlinda Aukema. Very friendly bunch! Very Dutch! The Ambassador was there to officiate our discussion and we ended the day with dinner at the residence of His Excellency Lody Embrechts, The Ambassador of Nederland....who invited us to use the residence as our second office....and Jacoba asked me if I could help her & her husband with photography......

Such a great start, for me who has little knowledge of the industry.....I am going to love this new job...insyaAllah...and tomorrow is my last day at The Zoo...hohohohohohoho!

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