Thursday, August 07, 2008

Torque's Touch

I bought the iPod Touch 16GB in December 2007 from a MyMug buddy at a very good price, brand new, all-in-the-box totally erkkk......UNTOUCHED! I decided to buy it and told myself: "It is okay, I deserve to get myself something"...simple because I hv not rewarded myself anything at all the whole of 2007. It was bad enough for me having to deal with The Zoo so it was fair for me to reward myself with something I know I am going to utilize. So I bought it and I have been using it for stuff it was meant to do. I listen to music, store my photography stuff, surf the net doing some stuff which includes writing this blog.....this paragraph in this entry for instance!So, I can say it was money well spent......and I deserved it more than anybody else!

Of course, for heavier stuff, the workhorse would be iBook G4 (read: already obsolete stuff for many....but not me!) which I bought waaaay back in 2005! 3 solid years of daily bashing.....there's no reason for me to get a Wimpdoze machine to replace the Macintosh based stuff I have been trusting all these years!

Well anyway...I have been thinking to Jailbreak the Touch but the recent Firmware upgrade is such a good option I might as well buy it and give it a try first...when the time is right (read: when I think I deserve it!)
Some people started to compare my Touch when I bought it...the ZooKeeper was one...(oh, I said people did I? Well I'll allow it for this time!) I can still recall it freshly...

So many people in the building - some genuine MacAfficionados but mostly "major wannabe cool with electronic toys" - were busy getting the iPhone. Known to many as "the techy gadget dude" (read: mistaken identity of me embedded in many) some were surprised I still carry a 5 years old Symbian based SE P900!
"Why?" - they asked - because I don't need anything more that what the P900 could do!

Actually THE question I REALLY HATE from these bunch would be - "So what is your latest gadget?" DUH! Seriously, to they think I fart money?
My polite answer would be - "I am not a gadget freak lah! I just bbuy stuff that I know I need to have and really utilize it!"
...and some of them would continue talking tech-shit or brag about their new toys....or new-toys the are going o purchase....and ask me of my opinion...

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Opinion....yeah...something that I have been giving away to some of the original PockePC-lovers waaaay back in the late 90's...heck even the wonderfully amazing and stable Palm OS plat form! (dammit I miss the WorkPad C3 - so simple and stable and practical..until the color screen and all th hoo-haas started to trickle in...and the next thing you know, every Mamat, Minah, Ah Beng, Ah Lians, Thamby, Minachi, John & Jane just HAVE to have a PDA....regardless what they are going to do with it!

Anyway....yeah that is something that I really don't fancy giving away for free to anybody right now...ever since, I dunno...hmm yeah, ever since I got tired of being nice to arrogant-wannabe-cool-by-having-some-tech-shit-in-their-hands. Bollocks.

So, what am I rambling about this stuff?
Nothing...just feel like it...since I have nothing better to do I guess! Ahahah!
Oh...the ZooKeeper story tak abis lagi....when he saw I have a Touch..he thought I have an iPhone..just like some Miss StyloMyloHighPerformer who's his blue eye gurl (like some other ugly biatches in the Zoo lah!)
..and of course, the ZooKeeper (and the biatches) just cannot stand it if there's a person in the Zoo that has "the latest" shit. They are just sooooo conscious sometimes with these shit....wehehe....and he actually told me that in a couple of months time he'll succeed me because his iPhone is arriving by that time.
I just smiled and nodded my head....and I told myself, who care, you stupidprick! I am not competing with you nor any of those stupid wanna-be! Never! What for!!! Ahaha......posers!

Hmm....tomorrow will be my second last Friday in the Zoo....woohoo!!!

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