Friday, August 01, 2008


The owners of these would be Alisya & Naufal...but they were to young to play with it so heeheh...Mama (the real owner!) has been keeping these as her pets...until the batteries ran out of juice. I just bought a new set for each and the pets are resting as I wrote this....interesting pets...this sets can get connected to the net and do downloads and stuff...I am not going to go there...have lotsa things to settle!! Notice the white envelope? That's my official transfer letter...18-08-08 is the day! Am going 20 floors down, that should be far enough from the smell of this Zoo!
The kids will be going for a long distance train ride tomorrow! Kajang to Segamat. They sure are excited about this trip...each one will carry their own knapsack...well except Neena of course..she's the Boss so she'd not be carrying anything unless she decided otherwise. We are going to travel light and I will try my best to compose a full documentary of their first train ride, insyaAllah!
Been taking some stock photos...and realized there is a speck of dust visible at f8 and above. Annoying ,but nothing new. I seldom shot at f8 except for landscape and under bright sunlight I guess. So, the blower will have to do the job well, have no time to send to Nikon for proper servicing...maybe when I have enough dough to buy a second body...a D700 perhaps!!! Wahahaahha! Berangan!
No the rate I am being progressing, I will be witnessing many others younger than me, surpass me on the corporate ladder....rezeki, yeah...but the ugly truth is not about rezeki at all...manipulation and all.....but oh well....never mind, I just want to be able to enjoy what I get and spend the rest of my life shooting great photos and be with my loved ones.....I may just be driving an old Proton but I don't dedicate my soul to be a slave of an organization and step on people's head to be a leader! The move to the other unit should do me more good...I don't mind calling other people Sir, Boss, Tuan and deal with their mood swings or temper, being ignored conveniently as and when they are not in the mood to be friendly to anybody, salams not answered, smiles not returned...hey, it's their choice...and it just won't affect me that much anymore....the most would be I'd be writing about it in this blog but almost instantly the next moment, I will be on the street shooting stuff....and be happy to have my kids to hug whenever I got home!

Well...poor and selebet as the person I may be, at least I get to live my life to the fullest and be happy with my you?

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