Saturday, August 16, 2008

Show me the moolahs!

There's only one word that can summarize how i feel right now - TIRED!
I woke up at around 4:50am today and by 7am I am ready for action with two of my photographer buddies - Master Ted Adnan and Ian Ahmad.
Today we shot a Corporate Golf Tournament.
Yesterday, had another corporate event but since I just want to spend my last day at The Zoo, I assigned the shoot to another professional photographer buddy.
I guess it is not bad for this month...I take it as a positive sign....and I will keep on improving and finding more opportunities for me & my team from now on.....I am entering the shift to 5th gear of my journey I guess!

Owh, the photo above...that's not me...and that D3 is not mine too! (I wish!!)
The bundle will cost a damage of about Rm30k....ada berani?
I still use the same ole D70s and like Ian Ahmad...his same ole 400D and kitlens too!
Our outdated equipments (for some!) is not a limitation for sir!
Anyway...that baby up there belongs to a talented & respected master in commercial photography & lighting control - Master Ted Adnan.
Maybe one day when I am sure that already have enough skill and capability, I'll bag in one of's not about the equipment anyway....many may mark it as luxury toys...that actually can bring you good returns...or the rights to brag (and laughed at by the real professionals!)
Been witnessing so many "arrogant wannabe" with this same typical never-ending-purchasing-of-equipment habit...and yet the photos are just about as good as Alisya's shot on her 2MP Nikon Point & Shoot....
Your choice Amigo!

...and this, would be the last shot I did of my workstation at The Zoo. Almost empty, all my stuffs were already packed in couple of boxes which I single-handedly brought to the new place and set up what I could over there....minutes before coming back to The Zoo for the last time and taking this shot.
The dude sitting at the opposite workstation would be my buddy Nadzri - a very resourceful & dedicated staff anybody could ever wished for. Good-bye buddy! You deserve a better place and you'll get it soon insya-Allah!
Good-bye workstation...I hope I have not overstayed my welcome, it was a fact I had to make some noise before I got the proper letter of assignment though I obediently did my part months before and even left my other post with a much more comfortable workstation just to honor the offer to join the initial project the earlier entries I did in this blog.
I have done my part of the deal and I have been shown the exit door by the leaders. Thank you for that...that does not make me any less of a human at all.
Oh well....I guess, this is the official last Good-bye to The Zoo....Adios Grengos!

I need to reward myself soon.....hmmm....fair what...I have worked hard and finally made my first thousands in just two days Master Ted put it - in his definition, I am a professional already....rightfully earning the moolahs by giving the client what they expected to have (and maybe a little bit more!) from me & my team.
I guess the best "reward" I got today was when a participant of the tournament - a CEO who used to be my first boss when I started working (he was just a Manager back then) told me his company should have hired me & my team for their event instead of the photographer who did it...he was not satisfied at all with the work of that photographer (whoever that may be lah!)
So...amigos, from now on, no money, no shot!

Here's to a brighter future Torque...for the babies & family....please Help me Allah...Amin....

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