Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Second Day

Hello! Welcome to Sunshinefloor!
The workstation is half the size I have been accustomed to....but that matters not.This is just my second day and already I felt like I have been with these bunch for quite a while...and today I was asked to arranged a birthday celebration for Aug & Sept babies and staff who received the long service recognition...and a coincident, the day is the birthday of our VP too.
He is THE kind of leader that I would respect and salute.

It went well...everybody was "kenyang & gumbira" and lunch was not necessary for many....heheh!
My friendly neighbour
..and the The Boss -->.....and I was surprised to receive some set of really nice mugs and that card (near Yoda@my iBook) which is a 1GB thumbdrive....from the Gasunie team....

Dank u mijn vrienden!

The rest of the day went well...with meetings & discussions and I managed to find time to complete editing the job I did last weekend and sent the invoice to the client too...wheeheheh...was informed that the payment is already being processed....hello to more moo-moo-moolahs!

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