Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The kids woke up as I was preparing for work this morning.....and Alisya casually asked me as I put on my shirt:

A: Ayah nak pakai baju blue color ke?
M: Yes Kakak.
A: Why?
M: Hmm...sebab Ayah suka....
A: Ayah tak ada baju lain ke?
M: Kakak....Ayah takda duit la nak beli baju lain lagi Kakak...
A: Tak apa Ayah..Kakak ada duit...nanti Kakak belikan...Ayah nak baju White? Black?
Haaa...Kakak belikan Ayah baju PINK lah ok?
M: Haaa?
A: *Giggles. Ayah pakai baju PINK nanti.....*giggles

Fresh from the camera, this morning...
(Alisya with the Ted Adnan's Trademark pose!)
only Allah knows how much I love them!

The team is out handling a conference and I have to complete some papers for the trip to a neighboring country next week.
...and apart from some other interesting stuff which I need to put in some thinking & writing, I was asked to do a presentation on MF Design & stuff this Friday.... is the first day of the first MF series for this financial sure the present team will handle it well.

Maybe I will go back a bit early today and take the kids for a splash.....hmmm......maybe...

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