Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shadow chaser

The day is drawing nearer....time to pack but I still have a couple of stuff to nail down before leaving.
Anyway, I was a bit down this morning when the Germany deal failed. The writer did not have the authority to purchase so she decided to use some other shots from somewhere. I realized that I did the right thing - none of my shots are for free! My skills, effort & passion comes with it so no way I am giving any of it easily for free. Though it means I am back to square one, the time will come when it will come sooner or later insyaAllah!
To cater for "the loss" I decided to send two shots to the stock agency I am attached to...Alhamdulillah...not bad at all, one of the two shots was accepted so, I am good. More stock shots for the agency after this!

I don't know exactly why I like to compose shadows..but part of it was due to some influence by Trent Parke's works. I even created a dedicated experimental & discussion thread in one local photography forum about composing shadows. After more than a year, the thread is still pretty much active and shots are still being sent in for discussions. Well anyway, the shot above was accepted by the agency (proper format, not web version like this one lah). I did it while waiting for Mama to pick me up from work....

The present state of my spot in the zoo!
Wehehehe!! The boxes are waiting to be filled. The mess will be cleared soon for the next occupant...who, I don't know and I don't really want to know! I don't actually car much about the workstaion. Where ever I am stationed this one section will remain the same. This is where I put the photos and stuff to remind me of my kids & family. Some of the items have been with me ever since I started working more than a decade ago....and still in good the white mug in this shot....been there with me since 1996!

Recently I added another member to my fountain pen collection (as if aku ada byk sgt fountain pen!! Wekekeek!). I bought the same Lamy!! The purpose is to have one with green ink and one in black ink.
....but I have not written anything for a very long time in that monologue.....will have to start again soon since I have decided not to bring the Mac to office anymore so that I can spend time to write & shoot, not editing!

Can't wait for the week to end...have planned something for the kids!

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