Monday, July 28, 2008

Olympia DL2000

There is only so much of things on a list that I can do in a day. Sometimes I can do more, sometimes I can do less. Sometimes I just don't bother to do the list and decided to do anything else , totally unrelated to the list. That is a sign that I am tired or pi**ed with something or someone or many things....or many "ones"....but I still try to do the minimum so that nobody will be in don't look too bad to the eyes of any farking people they are trying to impress. Recently, I had to do deliver another "small" miracle for the Zoo....and I did. Then, as I though I am incompetent imbecile, I was shoved and kept in the dark..and today the whole shipload is at a place discussing things for the benefit of the organization in the next FY. Everybody else is there because we need to cut the number of support staff...and I am one who volunteered to not to be there. Support staff? Eheheh! With this brain that I have, I am not going to rate myself just as a support staff ! I have had enough of everything with this Zoo. Last Friday I was in the lift with the Top Most Leader The Zoo - The VeePee. I don't even bother to say salam or hello to him. I consciously made that effort not to. He's not entitled for any kind of respect from me. The rest of the Zoo have given enough of that already I guess..for whatever reason. Truth be told, this same idiot was the one "officiating" an orientation for a bunch of new staff, lead by a Penghulu. That Penghulu observed this same person and concluded he's filled of bulls**t and knows nothing about the other business lines except for the one he's been doing all his life...and not an impressive contribution at all so to say, because the mess had to be cleared up by the next leader who took the place. Ironically the Penghulu was also called in to be in of of the transformation effort...and couple of years after that took pride to be in the seat of a unit he himself helped created.
To cut short, the Penghulu is moi. No applause please...I was just doing my part to turn the organization to the better.
The journey to the center of the organization has come to end end and I can conclude my hypothesis when I first started in working - I was spot on. The center is filled with....(you have read my entries...fill in the blanks)....who has no respect to the lines and too afraid to face them.
Finally I can move on - and they made it look as if I am not fit to be here - so insecure, these bastards - the fact is there are more than 3 positions waiting for me without requiring me to be interviewed. No, I am not damn good - only the Zoo creatures always like to think they are - I just do my part of the deal as expected and hope to get a proper reward as a return from the unit I am in.
So far, it never happen. The worse is when I am not only denied my rewards but being demoted without proper justification.
So when I got the letter from HR Zoo, who mentioned that I need to improve yadayadayada...I just put it aside and wish someday some of the idiots in the HR fraternity will be audited and be properly punished - they don't have a clue what is happening in the organization...if they even do, they just prefer to shove it up their own arsses and pretend they have made things good for everybody. Amazing.

...okay, enough rambling. The day is 16th August....but I am shutting down all my contribution to the Zoo from today - the final "miracle" has been delivered and I was treated like an idiot for helping out so I don't think I owe anybody in this Zoo anything more than just a polite "talk to the hand" message from today!

There! My new toy! A very unique camera sold to me by my good-old buddy Ian Ahmad: great talent in photojournalism and documentary photography - please visit his site, the link at the sidebar of this blog. He has quite a collection of camera - which he bought at very low prices...the thing about Ian is he is not actually a collector, he uses the cameras to test his skills and try to produce the best!
Well...I have just sent the first roll of film to be processed. Shots taken from last Friday up to this morning. Even did a night photography session with Ian & Jidin, after we had a really good discussion with Shuk & Zaid of Belantara on the weekend....I went to bed at 4am that morning.

This week I want to be a bit more serious than the previous 2-3 weeks in framing my daily shots...maybe need to do a proper plan to deliver a short documentary of a subject by end of this week.....

So....for a start....I have to listen to more RATM music!!

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