Tuesday, July 08, 2008

No charge for Awesomeness - Po

The days after my last posting (below) were just too hectic. As I wrote this, I actually wish I am lying in bed, while the rain pours heavily outside.....too fatigue yet I have to complete something by tomorrow so here I am (writing this blog instead of doing that s**t I am supposed to!)

Well anyway....the kids had their sports carnival recently, and as usual, I am the OP!
Alisya & Naufal took part in the Aikido demo...wheeheeheehee ! Seriously, don't mess around with my kids ok, you might end up in a hospital with "tangan terkehel!" They are AWESOME!

Karnival Petronas is another one that happened recently. Yeah I did some shots of my kids during the event (since I am not the OP!) but I am not going to post much of it in here...karang tak pasal2 pulak orang demo kata Petronas telan duit rakyat lagi! (For those who still think like that - WAKE UP LAA WEIH!) Ahahahah!

To cut it short, most of the weekends, we spent our time together at the condo and celebrated Naufal's 5th B'day and Aiman's 1st B'day - adik sesusu to the kids & adik to Allayarham Faris in my earlier entry....
For his birthday, Naufal was delighted to have many toy solddiers, armored-tanks, fighterplanes and all the stuff on his birthday cupcakes. Each friends get one toy...and a goodies bag - something that he kids insists to give every birthday they celebrate. Since it is their rezeki anyway, why not!

Actually it was supposed to be a birthday cake cutting but Mama tersilap mention to the Pricipal and the teachers were excited already - they always love to have Mam's cupcakes!
So, instead og baking & decorating one cake, Mama had to bake & decorate about 60 cupcakes!

...of course, the busiest person on that day was Neena lah!2.
I still need more time to be with the kids...unfortunately (but rather fortunate for my photojournalism journey) I had to do some shooting last weekend too...

One is for Belantara - Shuk & Zaid & the core fan members....really AWESOME!
.....and something is going to happen soon insyaAllah....

Another one would be the long anticipated Protes 1 Juta Rakyat...50% editing completed and in my flickr....I had the opportunity to follow & observe how a "legend" does his masterpieces - SupremoMasterSifu Jimin Lai. Really AWESOME!
Well , this shot is mine, not Jimin's!Fuel Price Hike Protest - Congregation of 1Million Malaysians

We have seen Kungfu Panda too!
Neena calls it UNGKU ANDA! Really cool movie. The kids love it sooooooo much!
...and I am allowed by them to become Po - because "Ayah gemuk...macam Ungku Anda"

Weheheheh! Don't blame me! NO CHARGE FOR AWESOMENESS!!

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