Wednesday, July 09, 2008

36 & Rubik's cube moves 90, 180, 360 degree

Wheee!!! ayah dah manguuunn!!

Here Ayah! Amik nih!! From all of us....
(Read: We dunno what's in it but it's from us allrite!)

What is this? A cube? One big & one small?
Like what do we do with this cube? Eeish boringnya..., & Mama, thanxxx soooo muuch!!!

What else can I ask for but the most beautiful and wonderful family anyboy could ever have!!!!
I called Mak and talked to her right on the actual minute she delivered me 36 years ago. Thanx Mak & Abah, for everything!

Since this is my day, I guess I am entitled for some bragging...eheheh....
See that tiny Rubik's Cube? Well, I scrambled it minutes before my birthday today and while trying to slve it I had to do an "operation" - the term me & my buddy Tai Siew Shien back in 1982 use when a cube had to be dismantled because the positioning of the colors are not correct according to the formula to solve it - this may happen when we apply pressure too much on the cube and it just broke off...well, you cannot simply put the pieces back in, it had to be in the correct position...and there's 43 QUANTILLION combinations so the best one would be to set all 6 faces corectly and scramble it again.....tough luck!

Anyway, I followed an on-line formula page - the one that came with the tiny cube is a the "mirror image" of the formula I used to apply to solve this cube....

Yeah, ALHAMDULILLAH, me being the awesome Mr Torque, with the brains and the creativotoes and all the best words you can ever imagine in this universe, I managed to solve the cube.....the first time ever since 1984! 24 years man! I am awesomenessly good!!!

No charge for awesomenessly goodness!

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