Friday, June 27, 2008

Sari Ratu Restaurant

The kids have been enjoying quality times with Tok Mak & Tok Abah. I wish we are living much closer so that there will not be the issue of "dah lama tak balik kampung" and the kids can spend as much time as possible with them.
Anyway...we went to Sari Ratu - one of my favorite eating place - for dinner recently and I discovered something interesting - Jus Terung Belanda. I was like...Hmmm...what is ithis Terung Belanda thing nih......whonder how does it taste.....oh welll. why not just give it a try!!!

So that's what I did....unfortunately I did not remember to take a shot of the juice...BUT Mama was just too curious she had to ask the waiter how this Terung Belanda looks like!

Here it is.....
I don't know about you guys out there but I have never seen this fruit/ vegetable before in my life...I think. Well maybe I have seen something similar, a kind of fruit famous to the Cameron Highland locals which I tried when I was about 10 years of age...similar but not really the same thing.
Next time you happen go to Sari Ratu you may want to try this tastes good...don't ask me what's the benefit of having it in your stomach because the only answer that would get from me is - your tummy will be happy!

Why Sari Ratu? Well simply because I like the decent choice of food they serve...and delicious too...and definitely affordable for a person who drives no luxury car and wears no designer clothes!

The first time we went to a Sari Ratu was for lunch - it was Raya and we took our maid there as a treat since she decided not to go back to Indonesia. Aliya was still inside Mama's tummy then!

Fast forward to Aliya, Naufal & Alisya already know what to ask for when we go to Sari Ratu - the famous Ayam Pop and the delicious Es-Teler (pardon my spelling Indon friends!) for the twins...they would ask for their favorite "Teh Botol"....and Mama will definitely not miss her favorite Jus Avocado.
Teh Botol (used to be served straight from the bottle!)
& Es-Teler...

If you have never been to a Sari Ratu, you should try it soonest possible. It classify it as a humble, decent, comfortable and very clean restaurant I would bring my family anytime for a delicious meal.

....ishk..lapar la pulak dah!

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