Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Playground View

One of the best thing about living near to the office would be the relatively less travel time. The time lost on the road is less thus the pressure of getting to the office is less. I am not so sure if this is applicable to every single person but for me, it works. This means I get to spend more time with the kids. That is more important than anything else. Than everything else in fact.

Today and yesterday, I get to have breakfast with the kids and arrive at the Zoo within the same time frame I would have arrived if I am in SateVille. I even thought of going back for lunch actually!!

When the office hour ends yesterday, I packed my stuff and went straight home. I managed to bring the kids to the playground since they decided not to go for a swim in the afternoon. They had a two hour swimming in the morning and spend the whole day with their grand parents.

Hopefully things are going to be more easier and fun when we finally move in.

Aliysa.....she'd love to spend more time at "her condo"....notice the KLCC & KL Tower? I can see the condo from my workstation

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