Monday, June 16, 2008

Lights and flash memory

The thing about digital photography is you get to shoot as many shot and keep it in the memory card for as long as you want - NOT GOOD.
My habit is I would try to edit as much as possible and save it in the CF (my DSLR uses CF) and then burn the completed batch in a CD-R before re-formatting the CF to be used for another round of assignment.
No problem until TODAY! Dammit...all my shots are goners - in the Kingston 2GB Elite Pro 50x CF I bought end of May this year, not even a month old! My other 2 CF cards are Keep 1GB and PenDrive 2Gb, both billed with the purchase D70s...2 years back.

I am going to the shop where I bought the CF and see what can be done to retrieve the images in it. Failure to do so, may end me not buying Kingston products anymore...

Both shots of Aliya were done when we went back for Anie's wedding....
natural light, no flash, handheld...not the Kingston Cf definitely!

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