Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cowards among the braves

Org Tua Pengecut jgn join demo la !
Old Idiotic Coward..and probably very stupid too!
If he's your dad, grand dad or relatives, please tell him
next time there's a vigil or street demo, just stay at home or "kedai kopi"

You may think I have no respect to seasoned generation by posting up the photo with the title under it. Well, you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine...and the fact is the idiot above is truly a coward! Seriously! Read on.

Here is what happened:
I was doing my "job" taking shots of the street protest on fuel price hike last Friday. Many other photojournalists, photographers, videographers and the lot were at the scene and everybody were doing what they were supposed to do - including the protesters....well, NOT ALL of them!

Apparently, there are still idiots (sample of an idiot - please refer photo above) that do not know to behave like civilized humans, although being in a demo.
I was composing for emotions & tension at one spot when the old man passed by, walking together with the mobs shouting and yelling what's written on the placards they were flashing.

When the bastard saw me with my DSLR that was how he reacted (the shot above) and then as he moved closer he made a conscious effort to knock his ugly looking ring (gila babi hodoh punyer cincin siut!) on my DLSR.

Luckily I was still quick with my reflexes (well...years of being an avid martial artists really pays off I guess!) and no damage was done to my DSLR. The other protesters were quite amazed to see the reaction of that old bastard and some actually looked back at the bastard & shook their heads showing disapproval. I just stood and stared at the bastard and smiled...he dare not reacted - well, what do you expect? He's a coward!

Some other protesters who walked by after the bastard, reacted positively to our presence and didn't mind their faces being captured in our composition....infact many of them reacted positively - only this old idiotic bastard. The first one I have ever experienced ever since I started my journey in photojournalism.

Why do I put the shot up in my blog?
Simply because this is my blog! Well actually, my message is - the people who walked the streets, protesting against some issues are supposed to be brave and they hold on to what they think or believe, they are asking for their rights, they want the world to realize and accept their message.

Now, if you are like that old coward, reacting negatively to people who are capable to help deliver the message you want to deliver to the world, creating negative ambiance to the whole group who marched the miles under the scorching better just stay out from trying to be brave...use whatever excuses you can and just stay out from the streets, let the real men (& women) do the demo, you don't qualify to be in their league at all.

Allow me to express my thought in Bahasa Melayu:

Buang jer la kopiah tu, ntah haji betul ke haji kopi o kau ni pakcik! Kalau nak join sama berdemo, pastikan ada "telur". Kalau tak ada telur, duduk kat rumah atau kedai kopi ajer la! Jangan merosakkan perjuangan orang yg sama berpeluh berpanas, yg berani ambil risiko disembur FRU dan ditangkap pihak berkuasa! Press nak ambil gambar dah sibuk nak tepis, belum lagi kena hambat dgn FRU...mahunya terkencing-terberak orang tua ni berlari! Baik laa duduk rumah atau gi surau berdoa utk kesejahteraan rakyat - itu pun kalau doa kamu makbul laa orang tua belagak...kalau tak pun duduk jer la kedai kopi bergebang seharian dgn berbekalkan kopi secawan...mungkin itu jer pun yg kamu layak buat..dasar orang tua bangsat tak sedar diri.

Me angry? Well, yes....I cannot tolerate seasoned people who are "kurang ajar". I guess they are the cause of many indisciplined and demoralized generations we have in our society right now. If they don't know how to behave properly, what can we expect their offsprings to be like?
Is it not like expecting a pig to teach his son to live like a stallion?
Pepatah Melayu pulak - Seperti ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan lurus?

Think.....and do something about it on your part!

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