Monday, June 23, 2008

About 6000 words are told by these images?

This is one corner of my workstation. Not really a good example of a well manage workstation but it is my workstation so as long as I don't use it against company policy, nobody can complain about it lah kan! Looking at the stuff I kept in this corner - birthday cards, photos of my babies, wife in kimono, wedding photo, my parents & kid brother & sister, bouquet from wifey (about 6 yrs old already), small toys...the list goes on....obviously, I am a family oriented person - so, whatever I do, my family is always the main consideration. All I can think of is the time to be back home with the family. That is how bad The Zoo has become.
The good thing is...I have many options to choose from....and I let the "options" to "fight it off" between themselves - the first offer letter that lands in my pigeonhole, will the the next job I would look forward to move on to! Well of course I have look into all the options before I sent out my resume! So, may the best employer wins!
A management member of The Zoo (a cool dude, not the likes of the Zoo Leader and his stupid bunch) walked by a few minutes ago and asked me on the offers I am having - what's my feeling since I have quite a number of options to choose from?
My answer - This is not the first time such things happen to me, and the feeling is the same - I feel least I know my talent & skills are more than marketable & wanted by many out there than this place, dear Sir!

That is me in action. Caught by a buddy - Shukri Jai of LeoBurnett. I can get carried away when "documenting" my "subjects" I guess! That does not mean my documentation are at par with the best....but insyaAllah, I will take it one step at a time....
No I am not a cameraman....I am a photographer, a wannabe photojournalist, documentary writer....really look forward to make happen the "to do list" when I am done with the Zoo (read: pencen!!)

That's my baby Aliya Irdina (Neena) in red, with Shukri Jai's baby during the CNY Celebration of our Condo. Tell me....what kind of a father could ever resist not to hug & kiss babies like this everyday of their life???
If I can bring her to work, I'd do it!!! No second thoughts!

I spend most of "my time alone" with YODA - the Mac G4 iBook that's already obsolete to the current standard of Macintosh fanatics (and wannabe fanatics)...but it still works..and I still can produce better shots that those with much expensive & latest range of gadgets, why should I bother replacing it....I don't have the dough to get a new Mac anyway! Ahahah!
Some people would ask me from time to time - what is my latest toy. Apa ingat aku ni tokey kedai mainan???

Alisya & Naufal. The best twins anybody could ever have. As I wrote this, they'd probably enjoying lunch at with Tok Mak & Tok Abah....they had their sports day yesterday and we decided to let them spend their days off at the condo with the grandparents. Alisya did mention to Mama recently: "Kakak miss the condo Mama...kakak nak stay lama-lama-lama-lama kat condo kakak nanti boleh tak Mama?"
Condo Kakak....heheh..yeah, it will be hers. Naufal has his house in Kajang, Neena, sooner or later insyaAllah, a house in Kuching...where I want to retire and put my photojournalism works to that time, the Zoo and the animals that have been damaging my life all these years would not be much of a concern to me anymore.

Probably the most composed subject on my DSLR. Ironically, I have never been to the KL Tower. I will let it be a "mystery" for now...maybe one day I will discover this "mystery" together with my kids...

...but...what I do look forward to do now is - to complete this day at the Zoo and go back for a big splash with the kids!

....3 hours & 22minuts to go!

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