Monday, April 07, 2008

To be or not to Hep-B

Yes, been 10 days since the last entry.
The dreaded time where you have to write what you have done for the last 12 months on paper and get it approved is back. At the same instance I have to go for blood tests & scan for the Hep-B....and prepare for ChAPs first exhibition. Good. That should keep me busy......

The appraisal thing went well....hoping to get the deserved reward for what I have done. This would be the second time in so many years that I know I deserve more than average. However, there will still be stumling blocks, especially the Zookeeper who'd always think highly of people the likes of him...who lives in the 15th state of Malaysia - State of Denial (as declared by His Royal Kimsterness). We'l see how it goes. wha is meant to be mine will be mine in the end.

The blood tests & scan went well. I wish I could state the same for the result. Though I am prepared mentally for the result, frankly, I took it with a tad of frustration with a mix of fear & anger...but I told myself, what else can I do other than continue the journey. So, for now, I am on medication - just one extra pill from normal - and will have to do another round of tests in a month. So, big deal, let me just take it one day after another....each day would be the first day of the rest of my life...

Mama had to go to Singapore for 3 days last week and I have to be at home as early as possible for the kids. I was thinking to take a 3 day leave and just spend the time with them in the pool at the condo but no can mentioned above already. So, I took them for a movie this weekend...again. This time we watched Nim's Island. Last week was WaterHorse. Next would be...Kung-fu Panda, Ironman, Batman, The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince of whatever......werghh! However the deal is, they have to behave and we'll only allow 2 movie max a month....depending on the titles availability. Owh! I am already allowed an "upgrade" by Alisya....rather than just being King Kong, I am now allowed to be "Abang Mat" from that Geng Bas Sekolah serie. I am not sure why but Alisya just told me that when I grew up I am allowed to be Abang Mat....maybe because I am the primary driver of the family!

This week will be hectic...with the exhibition coming up, I plan to take 2 day leave and concentrate on delivering the best I can for ChAPs.

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