Monday, April 07, 2008

A Monday Morning

Let me introduce you to my 4 "buddies".
The tall dark & handsome one on the right is my Sigg Bottle. For more than 2 years, this dude has been holding my supply of clear water - 1L. I will drink about 3-5L per day. The first thing I'd take as breakfast.
In front of the Sigg dude is the Energy Bar dude. It provides me enough energy to last a day actually.
Next to the Energy Bar dude is Yoda. My old faithful iBook G4 - nothing much to flaunt & brag about but it get things done and never disappoint me in whatever situation I am in for the past 2 years...unlike many other wimpdoze machines that I have been using. Hail Yoda! Next to Yoda is a new member to my dude bunch. A Timberland bag that can hold my seasoned D70s, 18-70mm kit lens, 50mm f1.8 prime lens, SB-600 speedlight, extra batteries, extra memory cards & thumbdrives, card reader, synch & charge cable of the iPod Touch, the iPod Touch, my Monologue "Moleskine" Journal, my small organizer, my car keys, cards, coins, a book I am reading, my travel chopsticks, my Sigg cutleries....and some other stuff. The Sigg dude rides in it too.....owh..and Aliya's Litte Dino (her Sigg bottle) or her big Avent "nenen".....and her diapers - just incase. I think I will call this dude "Fred"... after Fred of Nim's Island....

So, there you dudes!

Now that I am done introducing them and I have just completed a quick tutorial on composition & image editing to a colleague, I think it is time for me to read something for the rest of the day....

Bestnya.....been ages since I have this much of free time.....syiok woo!

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