Monday, March 17, 2008

Not worth a sen

I am no Muslim but I trust Islam!
~ A Hindu boy waiting for his relatives campaigning for PAS during the Malaysian General Election 2008, at Sg Sekamat, Kajang
Get the message anyone?
~A car sporting flags of BN & UMNO drove past a banner of the opposition party during the Malaysian General Election 2008.
Tuan Guru Nik Aziz
~ Small section of the crowd during a ceramah by Tuan Guru Nik Aziz at Precint 9 Putrajaya on the last week of campaigning for the Malaysian General Election 2008.
I see blue, I see green....
We are not blind
The General Election is done and I must admit I am happy with the result - BN losing out 2/3 majority. I would not comment much since I really hate politics and I have been a victim to politicians at the lowest levels ever since I was in primary school. All I can say is I don't have any respect for those involved and although I was just not even 12 years old, it dented my heart and I took it seriously and use it as a burning platform for me to be better than those involved (Alhamdulillah so far so good, they are nowhere in sight compared to what I have achieved so far) and made it a point not to be involved with such low esteem bunch & their activities. I am not sure if I had wrote in detail about that single incident which made me anti-politicians but that is not important anymore. What was done was done. No way I will ever gonna forgive them, never.....and it is always good to have something new for a change.

DAP- Jenice Power!
~ A backdrop banner of Jenice Lee - DAP Teratai during her campaign for Malaysian General Election 2008

Lim Kit Siang of DAP
~ Lim Kit Siang of DAP addressing the crowd, campaigning for Jenice Lee during Malaysian General Election 2008

The F1 season started with a good show by Alonso. Kubica could have done better, Rosberg did well - at last! - and Kovalainen deserve to be where he is now! Hamilton? Well, I realized I really have problem with rich brats - whether they are mild mannered or otherwise - there is something in them that is so common - the attitude of being a rich brat. I cannot explain it but it is just so typical. You know, the type that may have never had to starve because there not enough rice to go around the table (bring the scenario back to home ground)....or have never felt how it is to just see others getting what you have always wished for no matter how hard you try & succeed in your exams you parents will never give it to you because they just cannot afford to although they love you so much and wish they can give all you wished for. That kind of attitude that's missing in a rich brat. Disrespect to the unfortunate. The "I must have it all" kind of attitude. I just hate it. I'd vote for the rebellious punks, the likes of Juan Pablo, Fernando, Jarno rather than these rich idiots. Anyway, it is just the beginning, we'll have to wait till mid-season at least - there should be something not right about the leading team that Fartrari would be able to find and bring the team down to ashes and beyond. Farking sore losers!

...but t is just good McLaren-Merce showed them who's the boss in this opening race....

With 1 more session of the forum to go and the confirmed movement of almost ALL of the team, I am looking forward to a new assignment comes the new FY...well maybe not. The truth is, it is just good to be a zombie and let others do what they want to. I am tired of trying to satisfy others and doing all that are required in order to be treated equally - or so to say. I am tired of listening to complaints, arguments, bickering,, I would just stay stoned and do what is expected of me and continue with my life....that's cool enough for me! Workable enough too...

It is just annoying to realize that I am becoming the last from the selected few in in the highprofile project that is left without a workstation with high walls. Kira kasta rendah la. While others have got it much earlier or just got it recently, I am yet to be considered qualified to be nominated though I have done bulks and loads of shits much demanding that what some others have done (read: impress the farking top leader and get others to do the job and take all the credits possible). Oh well.....everything is ok unless some idiots starts poking me around with ridiculous issues and deny me of my long as I am left to do my stuff, everything should be ok, I don't care what is it they want to achieve, kat akhirat nanti sendiri mau ingat lah.

The distance is already felt by me since I am the only one left from the original team not entitled to higher status like others....but am not allowing it to not make me a lesser person. It is ok because I am comfortable being what I am and I don't mind at all to do lunch on my own or just kill the time with my DSLR because of the position I am in would not be acceptable to listen to certain topic of discussion they have over lunch. Infact it is ok if others are above me and I will retire in this position, I don't mind at all, if it is written as fate then it shall be done. Well, personally I am not interested to debate and talk about work or projects over lunch - at least not everyday - because my life is more than just about the blardy Zoo.

Time for where's my DSLR....

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