Friday, March 28, 2008

Light & darkness

~Light & darkness

The fora has ended, for FY 2007/ 2008. Next round will commence in August and in between now and that month, there will be lotsa of things to deal with, as always. I was dead tired by the end of the day but still managed to go out with the kids and do our monthly shopping for their stuff....and in this morning everything is slow....I am not in the mood to go to the office but I just have to complete some appraisal thingy today and that means I have to drag my feet to work...I took the train today since wifey will only come to office after lunch.

When I reached KL Central, I saw a disabled guy who sat near to me was trying to disembark from the commuter train. I just observed what will happen.....and true enough, nobody tried to assist him. which is good...because I want to help this dude!

(No I am not bragging, I am just sincerely telling you a story, my experience I just had not even 10 minutes ago when I actually started to write this down)

The dude was a small sized Malay, perhaps in his late 20's, clad in checkered shirt and dark slack, properly dressed I should say. He's blind and had the walking stick with him, with a sling bag on his left shoulder. From experience, I took his right hand and put it on my left shoulder, assisted him out of the train, and all the way to the other side of the station - Brickfields. from time to time informing him on the approaching steps, and stuff.

I did ask when what should I call him and his answer was just call him Wan. He works in Bukit Bintang area. When we arrived at his destination I bid him farewell and continue my way to work.....

.....but I can't. There's something heavy in my heart. Rasa sebak. I was amazed how a blind man could survive living in this concrete jungle, where not all living beings are nice to each other. It struck me yet again, with my love of seeing the wonders of Allah's creation - my kids & wife & family being the best for me - what has Wan missed of has never been able to experience is something that many of us tend to take for granted.
Being able to see that ray of light is a huge massive gift.....for Wan....but what about myself?

I took a couple of shots around the station so that I can record this learning.....and as I sat here writing this at Warongkita, I am trying hard to hold my tears....I can't imagine if I don't have the gift of seeing....would not even dare to think if my kids would turn out to be like Bro Wan....the gift of seeing is one of the many gifts Allah has given me....and many of just...and for that, I must say Alhamdulillah more often......and I must kiss my kids more.

Time to finish this rotibakar and get in the office...

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