Monday, March 24, 2008

Can I be...

I love to ask my kids the "Can I be" question... (especially the twins since if i ask Aliya erkk Neena I will need some deciphering to understand what she's saying...)

Some of the conversation that I had around that question....

While watching Ultraman Tiga
Me: Hmm...Alisya, nanti bila Ayah dah besar nanti, can Ayah be Ultraman Tiga?
Alisya: (Hands on he hips, muka berkerut) Ayah! No! You cannot! Ishh Apa laaa Ayah nih!
Me: Why cannot?
Alisya: Sebab Ayah hitam, Ultraman Tiga mana hitam. Tak boleh tak boleh tak boleh, faham?
Me: (Laughing) Ok ok! faham.

While watching Geng Bas Sekolah
Me: (Joining the kids dancing to the tunes of the theme)
Alisya: (Staring at me) Ayahh!!! What are you doing??
Naufal: Ayah ni tak malu laa!!
Neena: (Giggling & hugging my feet, maybe amazed with the way I danced)
Me: Eh Kakak! Abang! Nanti ayah dah besar Ayah nak jadi Geng Bas Sekolah laa..boleh tak?
Alisya: Tak boleh! Can not! Ayah tak boleh jadi Geng Bas Sekolah
Me: Why not?
Naufal: Sebab Ayah hitam!
Me: (Laughing) Ok ok...kalau mcm tu Ayah gigit Aliysa & Naufal boleh?
The kids: Tak boleh! Maamaa tgk Ayah nihh!!
Me: Ook...then Ayah gigit Neena jer lah (grabs Neena & start tickling her while she laughs and fights back)

While watching Handy Manny
Me: Nanti bila Ayah dah besar Ayah nak jadi Handy Manny la kakak...
Alisya: Cannot! Ayah cannot!
Me: Apasal plak cannot? If can't be Handy Manny then Ayah boleh jadi apa?
Alisya: Ayah boleh jadi King Kong sahaja!!
Me: (Terkedu sambil tergelak dalam hati!) Whaaat? Why King Kong??
Alisya: Sebab Ayah hitam & besar!
Wife: (Tergelak guling2)

I love my kids!! can I be a bit putih eh?

They love the new, the day after Maulid Mama took leave and we decided to stay a night with minimal lighting and we brought over the 14" TV set and DVD player to keep them entertained through the day. On Maulid day after I finished shooting we drove to the condo and after Asar, it was time to get wet...
This little lady can already float on her back....
Naufal needs no floating apparatus anymore....

....and Alisya thinks she's a mermaid Princess...
Too much pool already and now I wonder if they'd like to go for a swim in their favorite picnic spot...hmmm...should try ask them....(though I already know the answer - "let's go to our new house laaa Ayah!)

This is the 10th year for F1 to be in Malaysia. This is also the first year I am not driving the FIV for F1. No free tickets for me too. Not a problem, I enjoyed watching it on TV with the kids. Their favorite driver only managed to get 8th. It is ok considering the "bad package" Team Renault has this is gonna be fun & interesting. Just wait and see, maybe if "the team tha should always win" is not making the points there will always be excuses to change some rules or some other team may have to be stripped off their points or use of technology...that's been the storyline for the past couple of years anyway!

One more round of the forum to lead...and then I plan to take 2 days off (long weekend) so that I can spend more time in the pool with my kids and forget about the happenings in the Zoo. Mornings & afternoons in the pool with the kids, no other activity...nothing! Really looking forward to this break!

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