Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today I got a shocking news which made me really really feel like leaving the organization. I could just leave if I belong to a silverspoon breed. Unfortunately, I don't. Unfortunately, I have no option but to accept it as fate (yet again). Unfortunately, the richer will always gets richer and they don't mind how they go about doing it as long as they get more. Unfortunately, the top leaders are just too blind and belongs to the same type. Unfortunately enough already.

The news...was that somebody has impressed the top leader with a paper that she had done for a high profile yearly event, attended by the top leaders of the organization. The was MINE. The idea, the paperwork, all done in a team and all that person did was took everything and talked to the top leaders off line as if it was hers...and wallaaaa.

Sial. The only word fit for this kind of person.
Haram. The only word that I would allow for everything that this kind of person gets.

Ironically, I have a very strong support in an appraisal system, from a superior/ senior staff who was involved to coach us in the preparation of the event...everything was mine. Truly mine...but the leaders are just too blind...maybe because they have consumed more haram income than others, their hearts have turned black and solid.

Well, there will always be winners, if not there wont be losers. In this case, I am a loser....but at least I don't feed my family duit haram....never.

Go ahead, win all you want, from the top leader and each and everyone involved in this unfair treatment, and their family members, I will never forgive them...not even up there in the Hereafter.

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