Thursday, February 28, 2008

Torque the Zombie

This cute artwork was done by my kids and their classmates
I was in a very hectic mode today - had to recompose some report to meet the format done by the other team (who I don't really know have done theirs or not for that matter) and just completed the analytics & reports for 10 MD/ CEO's performance during the session I lead. Another 20 to go.....I can do it!

Anyway I brought the EDIFIER R10V multimedia speakers which I got with Yoda (my Mac) to concentrate and keep my focus against the noises and the usual phone calls or the neighboring helps a lot...woohoo!! I did not realize it was almost 1pm until Che Lie called - we have a lunch appoinment to trash out some issues (Read: BITCHING). The conclusion was it is a good thing for me to start hunting for other positions back at the operating units. Which is something that I have actually planned to do immediately after the end of this financial year, which will happen in about a month.

After lunch I had a surprise phone call from Haszel (if you have read this boring blog since 2005 you may have noticed this entry about F1, she's one of our team members) asking us (the friends she knew on this floor I named THE ZOO to come down to donate blood.

I did.

Well almost....not that I chickened-out...but when I was in the elevator going down I realized that I am "equipped" with hepatitis-B so that means I cannot donate blood, ever! When I reached the counter I greeted the people there and told Haszel that I just realized I can never donate my blood! Just to confirm it I sms-ed the Dr Dude (in the same blog entry I mentioned) and he was apologetic to know that I am infected....heheh....he's a cool buddy.

No blood from me y'all! Never ever! Sorry about that! Ahahah!

I actually think it is funny, seriously! I told Kimster yesterday that with all the antics and sickening creatures around me, I am better off being a Zombie in The Zoo....and I was like a Zombie indeed going down there just to realize I could never donate blood! Ahahah!

(Dammit now I am hearing the Carnberrie's "Zombie" in my head...not really in my favorite list that band!)

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