Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Running to stand still

The week - so far - has been quite annoying! BY-GEORGE what is happening to my life everything seems to be messy! Today is Wednesday and I had to look into my iPod to know what day it is. Monday was a bad start for the week - I had to some issues which made me feel bad for the rest of the day until last night. Again, somebody got the credits form some top leaders while it was me who had to do the thinking, planning re-designing & executing of some shit to make it far better. It was really a smack on the face for me.
Tuesday is ok but not really a good day because I had to deal with people calling and talking for hours with their remisers, real estate agents and whoeverthefark...and at times singing loudly while listening to the farking iPhone/ iPhone if not in mushy conversation with the farkingfaggotrichboyfriend. Sick. I just want a peace of mind to do my part of the deal. For me to do that I have to put on my headphones the whole day. It works....but today I realized it is time to teach them a lesson. I am gonna bring my multimedia speakers and put the iTunes to full blast every time the conversations mentioned above is happening....and still the issue from Monday is bothering me.
Then late Tuesday night cum early Wednesday morning, after some analysis and thinking (and praying) I realized that it is not as bad as it seems to be (if I can totally ignore or just kill the bastards at the Zoo). I can sleep a bit well after that.
Then back in the office this morning, the same people were still doing the same shit (ni tgh season jual beli saham & real estate ke apa ni aaa?) so I turned up the volume and continue with my work.
...and the neighbour nextdoor at home called me and started telling me to park my car 4-feet further from the current place because it is difficult to navigate his car - blardy tiny car pun tak reti nak navigate? Bodoh nak mampus. I will teach him a lesson tonight. The whole neighbourhood infact because they parrk happily around my compound and I never complain a single farking thing. They are gonna get it from me alright....sometimes I feel it is just not worthy to be a nice friendly rather young familyman ....kena buat kurang ajar jugak nampak gayanya ni....

Oh well, what will be will be, I just can't wait to go home and hug the kids and once they are asleep I can't wait to get on the Mac and do some editing (now that I am gonna keep my DSLR.....owh...that's one part of the mess I had to deal with on Monday la, no need to tell the whole scenario).

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