Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ruled Notebook for now....Moleskine Cahiers next?

Have been writing on the blank notepad of my cool apple-green transparent organizer and have been thinking of using a proper notebook to write down what I have in my mind.
Well, actually I have been contemplating with the idea of getting a moleskine - either a cahier or a classic but maybe later since it is a bit off my budget for now. Yesterday I wrote quite a lot especially during the so called "downloading session". Heheheh.....downloading konon....yeah right, whatever! Anyway, I realized that it is better if I write on a proper notebook and keep a proper journal since I have been writing on pieces of papers (not just the ones I posted here!) if I feel annoyed and need to let some temper out without killing an idiot or two. The apple-green-organizer will still be used to take meeting and courses notes and sketches for my photography works. The urge of using a moleskine was due to "racun" by AbeDib laa! (Heheh! He is one cool mentor and a good buddy to everyone who knows him).
Anyway, today I bought a proper notebook - a GrandLuxe Monologue - which looks like a moleskine notebook. It is not just me, 3 other colleagues decided to jump in (well some have been writing good stuffs anyway!) and bought one each..and one of them also bought a fountain pen! So I think this is going to be interesting....with our next "coloring" project coming up and everybody is into writing their own journal, we'll see how it goes. At least we have some ways to channel our frustration in dealing with idiots around us!

...a change is always refreshing!
(shot using different WB setting....)

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