Friday, January 18, 2008


I use to love crayons. Well actually I still do love crayons only thing is I don't have much opportunity to use it as often as I did when I was in my kindergarten days! So, when the sanely-zany-bunch at the Zoo decided to do some series of artworks, I had the opportunity to use the crayons again after a long while (discounting the recent time I have been using it with Alisya & Naufal lah!)

Colors are adds more meaning to my life. Yes, I do love black & white photo shots at times - depending on what I am composing and what I want to deliver to the audience so to say but noting beats a good combination of colors...most of the time.

..and this morning, it just struck me, I should compose more on colors....bright and fun, perhaps it will help alleviate me to a better position, take me away from the gloominess that's been damaging my nerve too much already and bring me away form the blardy Zoo and the heartless idiots running the show.

As I have mentioned before, at times I'd come to this "gersang seni" stage and try to look for alternative ideas to compose.....and it is happening much sooner than I thought...maybe due to pressure to perform better in a short period of time or simply because it is just about to become a natural thing for it or not it is there so I have to deal with it, just the HPV-B inside of me.

Yeah...why not....since my condition is not going to be good any soon anyway, I could not join the likes of them Pulau Ketam trip or Thaipusam any other outing for the fit & adventurous for that matter...why bother thinking about stuff I cannot do due to the situation I am in....might as well think about the stuff I can do while I still have the chance....
...I think I will plug in that 50mm f1.8 and compose some bright fun colors....we'll see what we can get!

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