Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thinking caps

The day was rather hectic for me.....so many things to think about and deal with, so little time...and I definitely want to spent the time more with my kids if possible!
In the morning we had to rush to Jab. Imigresen to settle the maid's permit and whatchamacallit....wifey dealt with it yesterday but had to continue to today due to the efficient closing time of the workforce in that office, sharp...on the frigging dot, no frills, no questions asked (or rather entertained!)
...and this morning, the counter was "very efficient" too....it was still not open and the time was well 1 hour pass the supposed working time...and I would not write about the process flow here, I'd be smashing the keyboards if I do that! Harapkan uniform jer perfect...tu pun duit rakyat.....lucky thing wifey was the one dealing with them, itu pun dia dah start to lose her cool towards the end....my oh my....

Today is also the day where there is one important discussion that should start in the morning and last the whole day...it went well and I went in about 2 hours late....not entirely my fault (read the paragraph above!! ehehe!). The session went well....felt almost "at home" with post-it notes bunched in hundreds filled with derived thoughts & analysis from the thousands of lines written and statistical scores from the feedback forms...and nailing it down to a rather well derived storyline to be presented and discussed with the top guns...felt almost like during those old time high profile projects...

Today, I bought something for myself and Naufal....
Cheap cheap! Yearly sales for staff...but I am all for RF1 this season lah! Eheheh!

Shots done on D70s (what else laaa!) with Nikkor 50mm f1.8 prime lens - I love this lens!

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